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The Complete Concept Cookie Brushes for Photoshop.

Looking for just the basic brushes: Click HERE.

The Complete Brush Download includes the Basic, Skin, Hair, Chain, Stitch, Texture, Chaos, Metal, Nature, Creature, Pattern, Male, Female, Zipper, Fence, Bolts and Extra Brushes! These are brushes that are meant to add texture, be more efficient with time, and give the piece something to work over/with. There are 78 brushes total for you to use in your work! IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2D Complete Digital Art Brush Pack is meant to be used with Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CC. When transferring to older versions of Photoshop or other softwares, there is a chance they will not be compatible. Below is the graph for the brushes available! Brushesmarketingshort1-1024x780

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Everyday is a rededication. I love nothing more than drawing and helping others deepen their understanding of working with art. I proudly rooted myself in Wisconsin and have worked with CG Cookie for 4 years and started Concept Cookie when I was first brought on. Now I enjoy the weekly livestreams and the community that has built up since.