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Colt Walker Revolver


The Iconic Revolver of 1847

Included in this resource is an old classic weapon, the Colt Walker 1847 Revolver. The cap and ball revolver is much different than your typical revolver but packs a punch nonetheless. This weapon is great for your next game set in the wild west or even as a classic throwback weapon in a modern first person shooter.


In the resource you'll find 3 main files. One is a blend file that contains various versions of the weapon (exploded, one piece, multiple pieces completed, etc), another is the Substance Painter file if you're inclined to make "skins" of this weapon or just prefer to tweak the textures to your liking. Lastly we have the Unity project which includes a demo scene of the weapon with a generic shooting script to play a few unique animations to this gun.

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This weapon has not been used in any courses although the mechanics of this weapon and similar weapons are taught in courses like the Fundamentals of Weapon Mechanics. Take a look at the animations and the script to learn how this weapon operates and how you can implement this into your own projects.