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I've been inspired to start one of these.  I am attempting to do one sculpt everyday for 90 days.  I haven't participated in sculpt January before so I grabbed the calendars from the last 2 years and will be doing those this month and next and then participating come January.  I am hoping this will be a good place to post for feedback.  I won't post all of them probably, but the ones I really want feedback on I will. Here is the male portrait sculpt.  Feedback definitely appreciated.  Anatomy isn't my strong suit, and I am really trying to push my learning there especially:

  • It's great to be consistent and good luck with your 90 day challenge! May you not burn out while doing it :)

    As for your sculpt: His eyes and brow ridge seem too big, the top of his skull is low and, he kind of looks like he's smiling ( I don't know if you intended it that way) which might be counterproductive if you're trying to study anatomy, although, I guess, facial expressions are part of it too :)
    Keep in mind that I only know the bare basics of sculpting and anatomy. 

    • drgnclw Thanks man! Really helps to have that second pair of eyes.  You were right on all counts. I went in and made those changes and he definitely looks better.  The smile was intentional :)

    • pprocyonlotor Glad I could be of some help! It definitely looks better but feels like you can make the eyes even smaller. It might be because field of view is different between the turntable and the new screenshot.

    • drgnclw Thanks again! I shrunk the eyes and made a few other slight adjustments.  Please feel free to continue to critique, but I am abandoning this guy as it was a one-day sculpt.  I will remember your critiques for next time though.  Here is the "finished" result:


    • pprocyonlotor Hey, good for you for jumping in!  It's a good start.  The ear is a bit tall; typically it starts at the top of the eye and goes to the bottom of the nose, so it's a bit tall, unless intentional.  The eyes are a bit big, too.  I typically divide the face into 5 vertical sections for the eyes; the spacing usually works out about 5 eye lengths when looking from the front, hence 5 sections.  Other than that, pretty good.

    • silentheart00 Thanks silentheart00 ! It's good to have metrics.  I just eyeballed it on this one, next time I will be sure to check actual measurements. I'm wrapping up day 12 of the sculpting challenge with this. I feel like I am improving some and able to see it after just 12 days (of course, there was lots of improvement to be had).  The theme was hydra. Obviously there is still some detailing to do (horns, tongue, and bodies), but this is where I leave it for now:

    • pprocyonlotor Nice work.  You're getting some good work in sculpting for sure.

  • Day 13, Tornado:

  • Day 14 "Cartoon Space Animal":

    Was this close to doing Bucky O'hare, but went with Stitch in the end.

  • Day 15 "rhinoceros":

  • Day 16 "torso":  More anatomy practice.  Feedback please.  This is where I am most trying to improve.

    • pprocyonlotor Everything looks pretty good to me, except the top of the pec and the collar bone area don't look quite right.  It looks like you cut in the definition for the collar bone instead of thinking how they work with the pec muscles.  It's more of a smooth transition than a blobby one, if that makes sense.

    • silentheart00 Thanks Silent!

    • pprocyonlotor Rhino looks great but I have one nitpick about it. The square-ish shapes formed by those very thin cracks or folds (I don't know what they're called specifically) kinda tend to follow the big lines on the body. Yours kinda looks like it's a stone statue with some craks on it.

      Also two things about the torso. It looks the character is leaning forward a bit and the lower side of the torso looks a bit thin from the side. However, just like my previous feedback, take it with a grain of salt :)

      Overall, every model seems good..

  • Day 17 "Zombie":  This one didn't turn out exactly as I would have liked, though that's to be expected since I didn't go in with much of a plan. It was fun playing with all the textures though.

  • Day 21 "Goblin":

  • Day 22 "Panda":

  • Day 23 "Hand":

    Another anatomy practice so please give feedback.  Here is the sketchfab link so you can do a thorough inspection. 

    • pprocyonlotor I tried drawing hands a while back but they're really difficult (sculpting is different, sure, but not any easier I'm guessing :) 

      At a first glance, the wrist is thin and there is a weird angle at the left side of it (left of the default view on sketchfab and your screenshot) The line on the left side of the hand should go up from the wrist in a smooth curve with little protrusion.

      The fingers seem very long and the gaps between them are inconsistent. The gaps also should be a bit webbed (just a little bit, at the base, like duck feet but, obviously, not as extreme)

      The part in between the thumb and the hand look meaty. That part  should also be kind of webbed and thin.

    • drgnclw Thanks for the feedback. The wrist is too thin and should have been pulled out to the left a little.  I noticed that (and the long fingers. maybe not impossibly long, but abnormally long anyway) also after looking at it with fresh eyes.  The gaps between fingers are supposed to be fairly abrupt on the palm side and much more graded on the back.  I think that's what you mean about the webbing.  I know this in theory, but it's surprising how much there is to think about and make work together. It didn't enter my head at all when sculpting, but you are correct.

  • Day 24 "Worn Face":

    Another anatomy sculpt. I have never really done an older person before, and just tried my best to copy reference.  Feedback please. Here is the Sketchfab.

  • Day 25 "Griffin":

    Sometimes you think it will be fun to take a majestic and intimidating creature and put them in a comical pose, and then you get in over your head and you don't have symmetry to help and you spend so much time trying to get you feathers to fit the wing only to realize after all that work you put them on backwards and then you don't have time to do body feathers at all and your creature and pose are not nearly as recognizable or comical as you would like...  but you post it anyway :)

    • pprocyonlotor yeah that's the spirit! post it anyway 😬 I actually think it has potential, cute little critter 😊

      As for your head, I'm not very good at anatomy, never looked into it, but since you really want feedback on it and no one has responded on it yet, I wanted to mention that the ears feel a bit... off. Maybe it's the position or the size, I can't put my finger in it... I like the wrinkles though! 😄

      Keep up the good practice!

    • smurfmier1985 Thanks Miranda!  I really appreciate the feedback.  The ears are too high and there isn't a prominent enough crease where they connect to the head.  I noticed after posting.  And I definitely had ideas for that griffin... One of the biggest "challenges" with this sculpting challenge is abandoning the sculpt after a few hours, but I'm convinced that I will improve more by walking away and starting fresh the next day rather than attach myself to a single project for a month or two.  There will be time for that when I have the chops (hopefully soon!).

    • pprocyonlotor I'd also like to mention the eyelids on the head look a bit thick to me.  There is thickness, but not that thick..  Nice wrinkles, maybe some of them could be crisper just so it breaks up the overall fuzzy feel of the face and wrinkles, if that makes sense.

      Nice griffin, definitely has potential to go somewhere.

  • Day 28 "Canine":

    Had a little fun with Jonathan Williamson's werewolf tutorial.  Unfortunately it looks like the eye sockets used different vertices so they don't transform smoothly and eclipse the eyes, which is not only pretty gnarly looking, it pretty much breaks the illusion of transformation and totally looks like a computer averaging shapes.  Oh well... it was fun anyway and I'll know better next time.  

    Here is the Sketchfab

  • Day 33 "Excitement":

    Well... there is nothing exciting about T-pose... sigh. But Vanellope does sort of embody excitement.  I mean, she IS a race car driver after all.  I initially was just going to do these emotion one's as stylized busts, but decided it would be more fun to do them as characters, but of course, a whole character in a single day is beyond my ability for now, but I am toying with the idea of dropping the everyday nature of the exercise for December in favor of actually finishing stuff.  Then I will pick it back up in January. 

    Also, I'm not quite sure I understand how people make these chibi-style characters cute and not just bug-eyed.  It was a real challenge for me here, and I think I only marginally succeeded.

  • I have altered the deal...

    Sculpting took kind of a backseat for December, but don't worry, they should be returning in January as I am hoping to participate in sculpt January still.  I have an out of town trip the first weekend which may interfere a little, but in general the sculpts should be coming back next month.  I opted to start getting my feet wet with animation this month, partly because I have meant to do so for a long time now, and partly because I found myself at an impasse in some situations with modeling where my ignorance about the other side of the pipeline was leaving me uninformed about modeling decisions.  I've been going through Wayne's Animation Bootcamp this month, and put together a reel to show you guys.  Special thanks to those of you giving me good feedback along the way (waylow smurfmier1985 phoenix4690 ).  

  • Happy New Year, everyone!  Here comes the sculpt January... (does anyone else find they spend as much time choosing a subject as they do sculpting?).  Day 1: Deep Sea (sketchfab is here)

  • Well... I managed to find the uncanny valley if anyone was looking for it.  If the theme for today was "creepy", I could have nailed it.  But I will probably take another stab at "delight" from scratch before the day is over. 

  • Day 2 Take 2: Delight

    Babies aren't my strong suit. I'll just get a cat. Sketchfab here.

  • Lost power after about an hour of work.  Hadn't saved :(

    Got back to it, though.  Day 3: Chest


    "I'm especially good at expectorating..."

  • Well, as some of you may have surmised by now, I have fallen off the Sculpt January train.  Life sort of got in the way.  I was sick for a few days, then I was out of town for a few days, then we had a crew installing new flooring, and then I felt bad about not getting it done and lost motivation... By the time all was said and done, I was like 10 days behind.  I am glad I joined the Facebook group, though; people are daily posting amazing stuff.

     Anyway, I have abandoned the challenge, but am still plugging away.  I joined a game dev meetup group at the beginning of the month; there are about 5-6 active members, and they try to make a game every month (a kind of absurd time frame). This month I was their only artist so I have been able to get some good practice in there.  I hope to post the game somewhere when it's "done" so you guys can play.

    I have also decided (finally...  ...  again?... for real this time) that it is time to tackle the realistic character course.  I did the initial sculpts earlier this week.  You can see the sketchfab here.  I have decided to proceed with the female character, but would love feedback for either sculpt (though you can ignore the male's feet, I didn't put in the effort there). I hope to be around a bit more in the coming months, so keep being awesome everyone!

    • pprocyonlotor Well, hey, at least you tried.  I feel you, though; I'm quite behind myself.

      A new game every month is a challenge, for sure.  I can't imagine the games are very complex, though.  Maybe more like rough prototypes in that sort of time frame.

      I'll take a look at those sculpts when I get the chance!

    • pprocyonlotor that game making group sounds like fun! Would love to see the games you create 😊

      Also good luck with the realistic character course, I'm sure you make something nice. Keep us updated 😉 Enjoy!

    • pprocyonlotor I looked at your models and this is what I can say from my point of knowledge.

      Disclaimer: I'm still learning anatomy myself, so take it with a grain of salt, some of this might not be correct. It's more like an observation than a real critique.

      Girl's eyes are either too hight on a face, or the cranial section of the head is too small. I think the first one is more likely. The male character also has this problem, but in his case, I think it's about small cranial.

      The nose can be a bit thinner too, at least at the bridge.

      Mouth looks too high. Mouth line should be on the first third from a nose to chin.

      Like on your male character for example:

      Then, the head shape. On your male character its too even in thickness from the top view

      While it should be more like an egg shape. Your female character had it more correct:

      Something definitely looks wrong with the male ears. Conchal bowl is going way back than it should.

      The belly button is usually placed on this tendinous intersection of m. rectus abdominis

      Tricep on your male character. It looks like the long head is lying on the lateral. It doesn't look like this in reality.

      Your deltoid is ended up between tricep and brachialis, but it should be between brachialis and tricep. In some poses, it can be confusing, because it looks like tricep, bicep, brachialis and deltoid are meeting at the same point.

      Sternocleidomastoid is ended up connected to clavicle by its sternal head, but it should be connected to sternum with it.

      Clavicle on the bottom side can be so blurred with pectoralis major on a muscular human, but on a female with clearly visible ribs it's probably should be visible too.

      It looks like you just used subtract inflate to make the armpits. In reality, this cavity is formed by the space between pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi. On your sculpt it looks a bit of unnatural. Like some on just cut out the part of latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior.

      I guess you used CGCookie classic anatomy tutorials from youtube channel? (maybe no, because your results are better than tutorials finals) Never thought, that I would say anything bad about CGCookie tutorials, but well, I prefer to be honest. I can't recommend them. I can't even say that they are "outdated", because human anatomy doesn't really changed since then :D. I can recommend Rafael Grassetti (an awesome artist who worked on Kratos for latest God of War game) anatomy and design tutorials. He's doing his stuff in ZBrush, but that's not really matters.

      There is propably some other places, but let it be all for now. Once again, take this with a grain of salt and do your own anatomy research. Have a good luck with a course! Looking forward to your works!