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Polybook - drgnclw

I'm kind of a shy person so I haven't shared any of my work online yet (except for cgc exercises and an unrelated model) but I've started to think it might be productive to share my humble models, textures and some 2d art.

  • Here's the sketchfab link to the unrelated model. I  didn't spend much time on the design or modeling because my purpose was to get used to Substance Painter.


    Here's two OpenGL renders of another sword that I made some time ago. The design and the modeling could have been better but I'm happy with the wrapped cord (it was my first time trying something like that).

  • Since I decided to share my work, I started my first serious project  (basically, I set a deadline :D). I will model, texture and render one of these swords (probably the second one from left) and give my best while doing all of it. If you can't tell already, I love swords and I have modeled a lot of them so far. I'm going to branch out a bit after this one.

    • drgnclw Taking the leap to share your personal work is a big step, so good for you for taking that step!

      I haven't used Substance Painter, so this is going to be a light critique over the materials and some notes to improve it or future materials.  I like that you added some surface scratches to the blade; it helps to break the too perfect CG effect.  However, the scratches are too consistent.  Try breaking it up into large and small scratches and vary their positions to help break up the larger scratches.  Check this course out that talks about creating layers of detail, (this one's specific to metal).  The leather on the grip looks nice, actually.  Similar idea for the brass bits, too; levels of detail.  The topology looks good to me.  Maybe for the insets on the guard there could be some chamfering as demonstrated in this tutorial at about 28:30.

      The OpenGL shots are nice.  I'd be curious to see the wireframe overlayed, too, so I can critique your topology.  Or upload it to Sketchfab since it has wireframe view built-in when you're done.

      The second one from the left looks like fun.  I kind of like the design of the first one, but it's your project, so do what you want.  Looking forward to updates!

    • silentheart00 Thank your criticism! I'll certainly look into those before modeling my next sword.

      Here's the sword in the OpenGL renders: https://skfb.ly/6CNwz  I added some loops to the pommel as it had only a few of them and looked very blocky, I also removed the supporting edges but topology is pretty much the same.

      I like the first sword too (I actually like all of them :D) but it was the last one I drew so I rushed it a bit.

      I changed the hilt with the third one.  There are two strips of leather wrapped around the hilt, I might change the color of the tan one. Those two hook looking shapes extrude from the guard and go through the ring so shading them was a bit difficult and the result isn't that great.

    • drgnclw Yeah, you know your way around topology.  Good work.  One criticism I have is the hilt and pommel are a bit blocky, which can have its place in design, but for something as nice and elegant as that blade, the other parts could use the same level of elegance.  So either maybe some chamfering on the edges of the hilt and pommel to really catch the light in an interesting way or rounding the forms a bit could step it up.

      Do you watch Man At Arms?  Maybe watching the process could help to inform you and your designs when modeling.

    • silentheart00 Thank you for yet another useful comment :) 

      I used to, but I got bored of watching them make lots of fantasy/video game weapons (I think they also make functional stuff every now and then) and after a while I stumbled on HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) channels. Those people talk more about how do melee weapons and armors work, why were they made certain ways, in what contexts were they used, etc. which is infinitely more interesting  to me and although, I'm not an expert, what I'm trying to incorporate in my designs. 

    • drgnclw Ah, gotcha.  Well now you can blend to two: design and functionality.  I understand that balance when creating characters that will be in combat but you still want to have some personality in what they wear very well.  Sometimes it's hard to break that thought of, "But how will this function?" and to just go with the design.  It takes practice and experimentation.  You got this.

  • I always forget to make a scabbard for my swords. This time I didn't. Shading it was so fun that I got caught up in it a little bit. Same with the hilt, it is wrapped in two different leathers. 

    Since my concept is finished, I started modeling the blade. Intersecting two fullers and the ricasso (which is the unsharpened part of a blade at the base) took two tries to pull off. There is no tip of the blade or any kind of taper as of yet. I'll add those and hopefully, the rest of the sword tomorrow.

  • Today was tiring. There are still some rough parts such as the ends of the leather strips. I'll also work some more on the guard.

  • I'm starting to feel like I'm not going to make the deadline and I'm out of my depth :D  Modeling of the project is pretty much finished. I still need to fix some issues with the metalwork of the scabbard. I might also delete and/or move around some vertices. 

  • Yesterday, I modified my brushed metal material from my other sword. I think it looks better but haven't tried it on the new sword. I also discovered a way to make cool looking wood grain.

    Today, I moved around some more vertices and started uv unwrapping. The whole sheathe came out alright but the blade was for some reason unwrapped very wonky, so I had to work on that a little bit. Hopefully, I'll unwrap and texture the whole thing tomorrow.

    Here's something I painted a while back when I got bored :D

  • I wanted to finish the project by the 15th of this month but due to unforeseen difficulties (also a lot of slacking) with  uv unwrapping and some shift in my sleep schedule, I couldn't make it. It looks like one more day will be enough.

    Here's the WIP

    The screenshots were taken from Substance Painter's viewport. I went for a brand new, unused look and did my best to break up the consistency of the scratches in my material (thanks to silentheart00 's advice and theluthier 's great brushed metal video. I just applied what I can in Substance Designer.) I will add some more detail and variation to the leathers and the metalwork. Any criticism is welcome and kind of needed :)

    • drgnclw Yeah, that's looking really nice.  And hey, you're a day late, but you're finishing it, so that's an accomplishment in my book lol.  Sometimes the hardest part is finishing.

      One critique would be the surface of the blade is perhaps a bit too pronounced in the bump.  Since you're going for a brand spanking new look, those sorts of things would be polished out.  Still there, perhaps, but much less pronounced.  Course, I don't look at swords all day, so take it with a grain of salt.

    • silentheart00 Thanks! You're right about the bump. I'm aware of it but I increased it for the screenshot. Since it's resolution is low, I wanted the bump to be more noticeable.

    • drgnclw Ah, okay.  Well, it's noticeable lol.

  • My first render excluding simple exercises and courses is finally done! I wanted to make the background fur. The sword would look like it sunk in a little bit with some fur going around the edges and such. But between my inexperience with particles and the viewport lag, I went for a wooden background. I got the texture for it from Texture Haven. I'm also disappointed with the leather. It looked better over in SP.

    I could have made a fabric background with fancy patterns or my own leather material for the leather bits (I'm going to do both this month) but I couldn't because of my time limit. I should have managed my time better. Overall, I'm content with the result. I learned a lot.

    Don't forget your criticisms :)

  • Took a 2 day break and made another my plan for the rest of the month. I'll finish architectural visualization course and I'll make 3 different materials in Substance Designer (fabric, leather and metal)

    Here's the WIP for fabric. It's simple but I'll add some patterns on top and probably make other changes.

    • drgnclw smart to take a short break and to make a plan 😊 Also good start! 👍🏻

    • drgnclw Oh yeah, that fabric reminds me of an old couch.

    • I was going to add patterns on top of the same fabric but ended up creating another another one. The base weave pattern is different in two ways: implementation (node network is a bit different, which ended up inefficient compared to the first) and lint.

      I wanted to add more randomness, some color variation and some sort of "visual handshake" between two patterns but because of my new implementation it would have taken some time. The hard part was making the square pattern anyways :) 

      Criticisms are appreciated.

    • drgnclw Looks really good man!  I just bought Substance yesterday and am eager to dig in.  I do think it's suffering from the cg perfection syndrome.  A little wear and grunge could go a long way, but keep it subtle.  Also  since it's fabric, go heavy on the fresnel.

    • pprocyonlotor I'm certainly going to try rendering the fabric(s) in cycles before my next project. Going heavy on the fresnel will probably be the first thing I'll do. Thanks :D

    • Very basic leather. I thought it would take much longer to make. Messing around with the gradient map node was the best part (I don't know why but I enjoy coloring things with gradient map :D)

      Next is the metal material I want to make which is also simple and will take probably a day. I'll make it a bit more complex and spend an extra day on it since there are four more days until the end of the month. After that I'll look into a Substance Designer tutorial I bookmarked. 

    • drgnclw Nice leather! Though it is very new looking, which you don't see too often in real life... How about a variety on this with some wear and tear? Could be fun to make 😊

    • drgnclw Nice leather!  Have you watched the leather course here?  Kent talks about adding levels of detail to help break up the surface and make it feel less predictable by adding a large voronoi, a medium voronoi and a small voronoi.  Maybe you could use that approach to help break up that leather more, too.

    • ssmurfmier1985 Thanks for the advice. All of my reference images were brand new leathers but I'll add the wear and tear on top tomorrow. It'll be much more flexible this way :)

      silentheart00 I have not watched it. I'll definitely watch it. In fact, I'll watch the whole shader forge course since it seems like most things/ideas in it can also be applied to Substance Designer as well (like the brushed metal I made for my sword)

      I saw a type of leather that had different levels of detail just like you mention but it was after I was pretty much finished with mine. It would definitely benefit from that kind of thing. Thanks

    • drgnclw Cool! Looking forward to it 😬

    • drgnclw No prob!  Shader Forge is damn good.

  • Today I kinda learned how to make rocks/stones and stylized leather through lots of trial and error. I haven't made any complete materials of them though. Instead, I added a bit more to my leather material. Here's the results.

    I don't have much control over the wear mask because of the way I put it together (I had to blend all the diferent maps separately which is not difficult but I had not done it before, so I focused on that)

    The wear itself isn't that great (more long scratches would be good, for example) but it's a start. I believe I'll get better results in the future.

    • drgnclw Oh yeah, this is getting somewhere! That's the most important thing, learning and improving each time, discovering better ways to create something. I'm also sure the next time will be even better and faster. Good work!

    • drgnclw The leather without wear looks pretty good!  With wear might be a bit much, but I guess it depends on the object scale, too.  Good progress!

  • Last four days went real fast. I made two materials since Wednesday and watched Tekken World Tour Finals (which was mind blowing) last two days.

    One material is a hammered metal. It is very simple and I guess could have added some more details to it. I just had an idea on how to make it and went for it.

    And the second one is the most complicated material I've made so far. It's fancy(ish) but old and worn pavement. I think it turned out alright. It is a bit shinier than it is supposed to be but it would have looked flat  if it weren't since it's just an OpenGL render,

    • drgnclw Heh, guess I'm not the only one with a hammered metal shader now lol.  Looks good, nice dirt in places.  Mine's a little more smoothed out with the intent of being used in a jewelry sense, but this looks like a good "rough" look, if that makes sense.

      Pavement looks good.  I'd be interested in seeing it applied to a scene and how that'll affect the shader.  Good work.

    • silentheart00 Thanks.

       I'm thinking about going over all the materials I made so far (except the brushed metal) to make small adjustments and tie all the sliders for roughness value, grunge maps' contrast and balance values etc. to just one slider to get consistent and easy control over them. And then I'll put them together in a simple scene together. It will probably require some planning and modeling so I'll do it in the second half of this month.

    • drgnclw Sounds like a plan.  Looking forward to it.

    • drgnclw That's a cool idea! 😎👍🏻

  • When I saw the new mini tanks course, I got an idea of designing a Warhammer 40K inspired tank. I'll start watching the course very soon. I'll focus on the texture painting side of the course because I wanted to take a look at texture painting in Blender 2.8 ever since I saw some videos on Youtube. To be honest, it would be great not to go through the slight hassle of exporting and importing a bunch of stuff when using Substance Painter.

    To be able to sketch some of the tank ideas I have, I started practicing drawing primitives in perspective. Hopefully, I'll have something to share very soon.

    I also started watching Substance Masters videos. It is a series of very long videos without any commentary showing the creation process of a bunch of fairly complex materials. I learned some valuable things from recreating what I watched so far, but I think examining the provided Substance Designer files and recreating them that way would be more time efficient.

    Here's what I recreated so far. It is going to be a moss covered rock.

    • drgnclw Looks rocky so far lol.

    • drgnclw I definitely need to find some time for Substance Designer. That's the struggle. I want to git gud and character creation at first place, but on the other hand, I want to git gud at everything :D

      Nice rocks!

    • drgnclw Nice! I like where this is going 😄

    • pffsfs Thank you. I am truly honored :) One of my teachers back in high school used to call me something along the lines of that because I used to draw swords and weapons all the time :D

      silentheart00 Thanks!

      nekronavt Time spent learning substance is definitely worth it. I sometimes lose track of time while doing materials with it.. 

      Looking at what you've done so far, you're probably going to git gud soon :D I also want to git gud at everything. Or at least, learn the fundamentals  If things go right, I'll start sculpting characters in January.

      ssmurfmier1985 Thanks! It's a bit frustrating for me because I'm looking at someone else's workflow and trying to adapt it to my own but I like where it's going too.

    • Looking at what you've done so far, you're probably going to git gud soon :D

      drgnclw sometimes I think about my works like "yeah, not bad, I think". But the more I do, the more I see the iceberg bottom. And with every new work, I look at past ones and think like "damn, why did I even uploaded this trash into the internet" :D

      But that's a common situation I believe.

       If things go right, I'll start sculpting characters in January.

      Planning to participate in SculptJanuary 2019?

    • nekronavt The first thing I thought while I was reading your message was that I felt the very same thing :D

      I don't know what exactly Sculpt January is. I found some different contests and websites about it. Do I join one of them or just do one sculpt every day for the whole month? I take a day off most weeks so that might be a problem. If you can explain me what you mean by Sculpt January, I might participate :D

    • drgnclw well, it's more of a challenge rather than a contest.

      I was talking about this one - https://www.facebook.com/groups/sculptjanuary/

      But anyway, just 1 sculpt per day during January.

    • Watching very long videos with no explanation or commentary is really inefficient. I had to spend a lot of time just to figure out why the artist used certain nodes in a certain order. What I got out of the videos and the material itself in almost a week could have been showed in a thirty minute video. I'll stop watching or trying to recreate the material. It sounds like I'm complaining but I'm glad I had this experience. Even though it was a slow process, I learned a lot. I'll use the Substance Masters files and videos as a reference when I'm stuck in the future.

      I'll be focusing on sketching a tank for now.

      nekronavt I thought about it but I don't think I will be participating. I'm going focus on understanding anatomy so I don't want to rush myself to get one sculpt out everyday. Feels like it would be counterproductive for me.

    • drgnclw I can understand that, but maybe for Sculpt January you could sculpt one part of the human body each day? Worth a thought, I think. Naturally if you're only sculpting an arm as opposed to the whole body I think you could get a reasonably well sculpted model done in a day. 

    • thecabbagedetective Yes, sculpting only parts of the body at the start was my thought. That way, one sculpt a day seems plausible but sharing a body part sculpt every day for a month would be very repetitive. I feel like I should do a different sculpt every day if I'm participating in something like Sculpt January :D

       I guess we'll see. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

    • drgnclw Sculpt January has a predefined list of things to sculpt, so you can follow that list in 2019 or make one of your own, so don't feel like you have to make a body part every day.

    • silentheart00 Maybe doing some creatures or animals or even trying hard surface would be fun too :D

    • drgnclw Sure!  Why not?

  • drgnclw ... love the weapons and what you've done with materials thus far is very neat. I dub thee "Weapons Master"

  • It's been some time since my last update. I have been dealing with some personal stuff, practicing perspective drawing and playing The Witcher 3 and Warframe. I'm always hesitant and afraid of making mistakes, which is obviously not good but I got a little better at that too :) I drew lots of cubes, boxes and some smoother shapes like beveled boxes or duplicating curves in perspective (very basic stuff. If you're wondering what they look like, I can share a few)

    I unfortunately haven't drawn a proper perspective drawing of my tank design. I though I would do ortographic drawings of the profiles of the tank first (which I would also use for modeling) then make a perspective drawing based on ortohraphic drawings. I drew right, front and top profiles  without any issue (although coming up with a design I liked slowed me down a lot) But drawing them in perspective is, as of now, beyond my skill level. Instead, I should have roughly sketched lots of ideas in perspective, then drew the one I like in ortographic view (is there a simpler name for that kind of drawing? :D) A mildly stupid mistake that cost me some time.

    I also haven't drawn the individual treads and bolts or some smaller details because it would be very repetitive. I'll model them when their time comes.

    I didn't include the top view since it's just some simple shapes and landmarks for modeling. I'll do a similar thing for the back view.

  • I downloaded 2.8 beta and blocked out most of the tank with a few changes to the original design.

    I was modeling the the side armors but blender crashed and I wasn't able to recover what I modeled. I also experienced a couple more crashes before that and each time, it set me back a little. Kind of frustrating. Eevee is very cool though :D

    I might change the design a little bit further by widening the turret and slapping another gun on top of it.

  • The modeling part is almost done. I modified the turret and the main gun a bit. I also added a window/optics bit for the driver. Track was a bit tricky and a little rough but it's fine for it's purpose. Tomorrow, I am going to add some more detail to the back and a hatch and a commander's gun to the turret. I might also increase the poly count of some corners.

  • Nice tank.

  • Some bad news. I couldn't bake an ambient occlusion map because of a specific bug in 2.8 beta. With a couple more unrelated crashes, I decided to take a break from this project until a more stable version of 2.8 comes out. I wanted to start sculpting tomorrow anyway.

    However, I wasn't unproductive today. Couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a drawing of a handgun that I really liked. So I blocked it out. Here's the drawing. I couldn't find out if it's a real handgun or even who drew it. Reverse image search gave me pretty much nothing.

    Here's my block out. The carved parts on the grip looks real nice with bevel + subdiv but for the screenshot, I left it flat without any modifiers since it's only the beginning.

    I also decided not to participate in Sculpt January. I've been having so much fun with hard surface modeling so I'll keep doing hard surface a day or two every week alongside sculpting.

    Happy new year to all of you!

  • I started the month with sculpting a head and a skull without looking at any references my purpose was to explore and get comfortable with the tools. The results weren't as bad I expected but they're really ugly, so I won't be sharing them :D

    The second day, I watched the BC1: week 3 stream and sculpted primitives, played around with sculpting some more and started Fundamentals of Sculpting course again. I blocked out Melvin but lost all my progress thanks to a crash (I don't know why I'm still using 2.8 builds :D) I finished the day after blocking him out a second time.

    Today, I finished Merlin but not without some additions of my own! :D

    I realized that the eyes don't look that great a bit late, so I didn't make any changes. The horns could have been better too but they were going forwards instead of backwards (it looked awkward and, I realized it a little late again) so I just swept them back and made some adjustments.

    Here's the exercise submission


  • I went back to modeling my latest gun. Worked a lot on its topology.

    Cleaning up the grooves at the back of the slide after boolean was a pain.