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Fabledbrush Sketchbook

I'm a bit new to CG cookie (or at least the community). So I thought it may be easier to jump in by starting a sketchbook? Who knows. At least it's a good spot to scribble down my unfinished thoughts. 

  • Friend and I have been discussing the creation of some swamp elves for their new tabletop campaign. I doodle as we chat and this may spawn into a series to explore how their wear bones and the like. I will give it some thoughts. :3  

  • I told myself I was done with this, but then couldn't help but drop some colour on just to see what it would look like.

    Edit: Added more to make it look more like a on-purpose head piece rather than just dropped on her head xD

  •  I guess this elf just picked a dead lizard off the ground and slapped it's skeleton on top of his head :D. Bad joke aside, I'm not a big fan of elves but yours look pretty nice. And when I read your idea, I immediately thought of some warriors wearing armors made out of just the ribs of some average werewolf sized beasts, or little bone plates from the bones of a huge dragon.

    • drgnclw 

      Joke or fair observation? ;) If I do more iterations I'll probably add a bit more to make it feel like a skeleton (fish or lizard stuff) was taken apart and made a head piece type thing.

      Also that is also fair (not enjoying elves). My friend wanted to spice up their tabletop world. So they had each player create a country for their character to be from. I made a city in a swamp world and then he wanted to add some swamp elves living on the outskirts. . . and then I voted to add some things to make them stand out design wise.
      Speaking of. . .exactly your thought has been in discussion. We've been brainstorming some pretty weird fantasy creatures for the swamp too. Like a horror angler fish type deal.

      There has also been some discussion of making them worship some freaky deaky old gods. Which I think would be fun to have elements of. 

    • ffabledbrush What kind of tabletop RPG?  I've been pulling characters from my DND campaigns to design and it's been really fun!

    • silentheart00
      I saw that you do! (While pseudo-spying on your sketchbook ;) ). I noticed you redesigning your current character from your current game.

      This particular game is for the pathfinder system, but we play others as well (for instance we have used the DnD system in the past). Basically we have a bi-weekly system where one GM runs his/her game on one week, while a second runs on the off week. That way there is always always two weeks to prep. I for  run Bloodlines and Blackmagic on the off week. ;) (Next week)

      Anyway I've been a gm and player for years, and I can't get enough of it. I have folders full of images from various games with varying quality.  Get me started I will chat with you or anyone about it forever. 

    • ffabledbrush =O  Crit fail on perception check lol.  I almost played the Pathfinder system, but then life decided to get in the way =/  Sounds like a good system you have going.

      I'm actually a new DM running my first campaign in 5e, and it's been really fun so far.  It's a party of 4, two new guys and two oldies who have played 3.5e for years before.  It's a really fun dynamic.  I have a rogue that just wants to loot everything, a quiet monk kind of observing the game (he's loosening up a bit), a con artist bard, and the fourth one decided to change his character from a ranger to a paladin, which wasn't a big deal.  It's still fairly early in the campaign.  My favorite character interaction so far was when the monk and rogue, the new guys, met up with the bard, an oldie.  They walked into town, I described the mayor was talking to a tall humanoid with horns and a tail, and the rogue just immediately pick-pocketed him.  Absolutely hilarious.  Now I'm trying to figure out repercussions for him later down the road because he straight up robbed a guy and just keeps looting everything he sees while also keeping the others interested.  He's not bad otherwise, just a goof.  So now there's a fun dynamic between the rogue and bard.

      Building the world is fun, too, more fun that I realized I could make it.  I'm making some hopefully recurring characters, like a gnome ranger merchant who travels between towns so the players can stock up on stuff when they need to.

      But anyway, good stuff to pull from.  Sounds like you have plenty to pull from, too!

    • silentheart00

      If he swipes everything merchants could become less friendly with the party the more he does so. Or word of the misdeeds become local gossip.  Or if you feel particularly blood-lusty an assassin could eventually be hired by someone they past stole from. I don't know what your group is like, but I love to challenge mine with world based consequences. ;)  

      Or. . . .
      You should design a cursed item knowing that he'll probably swipe it and that way he's specifically punished in an entertaining manner that is possibly story relevant. For instance they could meet a really spooky npc who has fancy items, but judging by the location/person a sensible person may think twice about touching those things. But adventures are never sensible and it happens that one object is cursed as all get out.  Another option is to have a 'don't open box' or show signs of something really odd happening around a particular object. Lot's of options. Best part is the curse doesn't have to be too damaging, depending on their level (you can make it funny so if it takes a while to lift it it teaches a lesson but doesn't ruin combat or something). Funny but a nusience are always a riot.

      (And you can have some fun in how the curse is bestowed (ex: A freaky dream, the hallucination, sudden appearance of angry ghost, etc.) and how it's removed. Like either you need remove curse or a catch like the owner of the object has to remove it. Something a good roll could research )

      Silly curses:
      - Anything you set down makes a loud noise as if you dropped it
      - Your footsteps always sound like they are slogging through mud (minor negative to your stealth)
      - A npc who sees you first must make a DC# will save or fall stalkish levels of obsessed with you
      - You always give off a smell as if you swam in a sewer
      - Good ol' uncooperative intelligent weapon
      (or ya know anything on a the minor drawback list )

      Anyway just some suggestions, though now I want to draw and design a cursed item. (*Adds to to-do list*)

    • ffabledbrush Hey, those are all really good ideas to implement.  There's this guy on reddit who makes silly items and I'm trying to incorporate them into my campaign, so I could take a leaf and make my own.  I do have an idea for a long revenge plot sort of idea for the guy he straight up robbed.  His character's motivations are money and women, so I was thinking since he robbed this guy who was trying to provide for his family by adventuring, he foolishly goes off somewhere and gets killed or something.  Somehow, the family is in debt, and the daughter knows it was this guy, so she goes off and joins an assassin's guild.  Some time will pass in the campaign, giving the rogue more chances to have a bad reputation and a lover of ladies when the daughter will make her move.  A long process, but I think it'll be worth it.  I also plan to have his reputation be ahead of him, as well.  So many things to keep track as a DM lol.

  • Wanted to practice metal and leather so  I did some armor and some variants of the colour.

    So question about the forum. I noticed that when you look at a thread you automatically start from the top so you might not see what's new right away. So is it best to add to the first post with new images? Or to hit reply?

    • ffabledbrush Kind of a stylized feel to it.  Could use more harsh highlights for the metal; kind of reading beaten up and diffused, unless that's what you were going for.

      The leather is reading more like cloth to me, so maybe a similar critique with harsher highlights; a little overly blurred.

      Like when you look at a new thread or going back to a thread you already looked at?  It should function by jumping you to the last read post, but it's kind of funky.  Sometimes even replying won't fix it.  Or if you hit the Back button but was previously on a different page of a person's post can mess it up, too.  It's mildly annoying and there's one web dev dude, I think, so he's got a lot on his plate already, I'm sure.

      The rocks remind me of sandstone or something similar.

    • silentheart00 

      I was definitely going for beat up/used for all materials in a bit of a comic book-y type style. I was trying to avoid something that looked like it had been on display for an age and a half, which probably made me a bit too hesitant on the highlighting for sure.

      For the leather I wanted to try to replicate used 7/8 ounce leather made with hand tools. So something a little closer to this. In retrospect still should have beefed up the highlighting a little more and tried to make all leather materials look a little thicker so to speak. I find the folds look too thin for such a thick materials.

    • ffabledbrush Ah, okay.  I can see what you're going for now, but yeah, more practice is needed.  You got this.

  • Practicing rock textures some more.  Was mildly unimpressed with my last attempt on an exercise somewhere so I approached it again.