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BC4-1810 Homework, Zsolt Cseh

Welcome everyone in my BC4-1810 class room, feel free to comment/critique the submissions as I would like to learn

Week 1 - Lighting a Simple Bedroom 

Week 1 - Shading a Toy Truck  

Week2 - Vehicle Lighting 

Week2 - Lighting Match #1 Week3 - Character Lighting  

Week3 - Lighting Match #2

Week4- Architecture Visualization

Week4- Lighting Match #3

  • Hey hey, looking forward to what you've got!

  • Basically would like to express that found both exercises very useful as a start, they are not so easy as would maybe look at first.

    Regarding my computer which is a laptop from 2011, well it turned out that can not have too many shots during the weeks, as 500 samples rendered in 2 hours :-) But as mentioned somewhere already here, I focused so far mostly on modeling, being not so much familiar with these next phases as S&L.

    Anyway the nature of this class seems slightly different than the before ones, sometimes just 3-4 clicks here and there by human and the rest is waiting for the result from the computer :-)

    Week 1 - Lighting a Simple Bedroom

    As you can see above here tried some versions till calibrating the required angle, in general being satisfied with re-producing it, hopefully the strength also fits around to have gradients, this is the one which is selected as final


    For the night one just had two renders and this seccond one liked it inspite of being aware, that not perfectly match 

    Week 1 - Shading a Toy Truck 

    Here with the colors just had one target to have a visually pleasing result for my 1,5 year old baby girl, so this is a mostly girl truck :-)



    • csehz Nice to see your process with the bedroom!  That;s a nice day render there.  Subtle shades of color.  The night one is nice, but maybe the light from the window could've used some blue to help balance out the orange lights.  It's also a bit dark on the right side of the image.

      Girls can like trucks, too!  It has some nice pastel colors, and the shader looks good to me.  Good work.

    • csehz toy trucks colors are just LOVELY. Good job with the lighting too! The window could maybe be a bit darker in the night scene imo but the warmness of those lamps works perfectly

  • crew

    I agree with silent: Very cool to see your process on the bedroom!

    ...the nature of this class seems slightly different than the before ones, sometimes just 3-4 clicks here and there by human and the rest is waiting for the result from the computer

    You're right, S&L is very different than modeling. Now that you mention it, this is the first class that isn't modeling-centric. Lighting is one of those things that can be achieved quickly if the desired result is understood completely at the onset or if stumbled upon by luck. It can also take longer than expected when the desired result proves illusive. Once we start diving into materials the general work load will increase.

    But anyway, awesome work Zsolt! You crushed all your renders this week. I don't have anything to critique really... it's an A this week 👍

  • Love the choice of colors on the toy truck :D Looks like one a little girl would have fun playing with :D

  • Being not sure how to evaluate this week, on one side learnt a lot and really focused on Blender and 2.8, but on other side rather struggled with the homeworks.

    But what is important just had a break through - this week realized that I love Eevee! On my week old computer it works surprisingly fast, okay not the wireframe mode but the rendering time (so even with F12) is great. 

    In general so I like the 2.8 version, in August did not practice on it and that hit back a little bit now, but for my targets it seems stable so going to stick to this instead of 2.79. 

    Okay so the homeworks, 

    Week2 - Vehicle Lighting

    This model from June class made from a toy reference, so its finally not a real car there were no blueprint to help. The shading showed some issues on especially at the doors, although seeing on the matchbox model it has around the same crashes so maybe real :D

    Week2 - Lighting Match #1

    Maybe it looks like a model for 3D print and basically I am satisfied with the gradients, but it would need some time yet to match. In this state the reference is rather inspiration than the same, but it is Sunday night turning to Monday 

    • csehz  Ayy I remember that taxi! If you were going for a toy look I'd say you did pretty damn well! You did good on the lighting match, too, but there are a couple points of improvement:

      - The ground closely surrounding the vehicle needs to be brighter and not fade so easily into the darker colours, like a spotlight.

      - I personally feel the ground along the edges could be darker, to also help sell the spotlight look.

      That's about it really, but as you said you haven't *quite* finished it yet so hopefully you'll return to it and make it even better!

    • csehz Looking good. That's what I always say, don't have the mindset to point out stuff like Aaron here lol. I personally struggled with taking image of shaded model as a reference because it felt more difficult to figure out the color of the lights. However you got it working fine.

    • swikni Sorry if I came off as rude, only meant to help. But yeah, the lighting match exercises are deceptively difficult, as it's mostly your intuition at play.

    • thecabbagedetective No no no it was meant as a compliment. I always enjoy reading those tips you guys give here. Keep it up!

    • thecabbagedetective Aaron yes I was also considering this, if the model were made based on a toy and the shapes are like that, then it can not be a real car and has to stay as toy.

      Especially thanks for the constructive thoughts regarding the light match, yes the tome is always a tricky factor but that is quite a challenge in this task that whether enough to focus only to the lighting, or eventually helping the atmosphere also adding some materials :-) As at one point thought the Flintstone car could be red-black, although that concept would totally blow away my weekly time management :D

    • swikni Jere thanks for the kind words, admittingly my spirit a little bit need them after this rollercoaster feelings, that 2.8 is great and works so nicely on the old machine, just I should know it more :-) (as the lighting match is also Eevee)

    • crew

      ...just had a break through - this week realized that I love Eevee!

      It's a pretty sweet engine, right?! So exciting to consider what Eevee could do for our S&L workflow going forward.

      The shading showed some issues on especially at the doors..

      Funny / annoying how S&L can reveal model issues. Heh but like you said, you can easily pivot to a "this thing has been abused over the years" 😅

      Generally you've done a great job! Reflections are reading well and fresneled. Without a ground and visible environment there's not too much to critique in terms of realism. So not much else to say aside from "it looks good!" It's an A from me for the vehicle.

      Others have been pointing out good valid crits of the light match. I think the biggest disconnect immediately is that the source render is textured with distinctly different colors than your model. Also there's a backwall + floor present in the source that isn't in yours. So right away it's difficult to tell if they actually match.

      What I can tell is that you've got a keylight pointed down from above like in the source. I suppose the lesson here is that to be a distinguishable light match texturing needs to be a factor: Either no textures in either (my suggestions) or both have textures.

      Total for the week is still good at a B 👍 

    • swikni Ah no worries then my man, just wasn't sure, thought it best to play safe lol.

    • csehz Thats a really nice taxi.

    • csehz Another person who loves Eevee! 😄 I really like what you've done with your taxi, I think it looks great 😊 Good attempt on the light match too.

    • csehz Late to the party.  I agree with the critiques.  Good work.

  • Oops I did (tweaked long, so struggled, in this way learnt a lot, but been swept away) again..  

    Hopefully once can post also the character lighting, at the moment it is sitting in the recycle bin :D

    Week3 - Lighting Match



    • crew

      csehz Good work this week csehz! I really like that you used a 2D illustration as your lighting reference. Because it's totally a valid source and it challenges us on the 3D side. That said it's still a similar issue for me as week 2's LM where the subject is significantly different than the source: Stylized, waist-up character portrait VS full bodied toy giraffe. It doesn't mean the lighting is bad or not a close match but just that it's more difficult to judge. What I can tell is that the rim light is great. The giraffe really pops off the background well. Perhaps it's more blown out (strong) compared to the source but that's nitpicking. Background gradient looks nice too.

      Overall it's a B+ from me.

      For your character render, I have to give you props for not being timid with your light color choices! It's a very colorful render that does cater well to the playful nature of the Christmas ornament Buddha Monkey. So in that context, it's very appropriate.

      At the risk of giving you an irrelevant piece of advice - because you may not be going for this - I do have a critique in the context of putting this image on a demo reel or professional portfolio. Similar to the feedback I gave John, the colors are perhaps too much of a good thing. For me the green and red lights are clashing with the orange and silvery ornament with pinkish-red accents. My suggestion: If your model is colorful, consider toning down the colors of your lights. If your model is grey or a single color, consider increasing color of the lights. Having both highly colored can be a negative.

      Again that may not be what you're going for and since I think it works for the context of your model, it's worthy of an A to me 👍

    • theluthier Thanks for the evaluation, regarding that you mentioned even a portfolio, well really did not think that once I could have such one :-) Its possibility is a real compliment itself.

      You know my audience is mainly our little girl who sometimes smiling when seeing a giraffe or a monkey on the screen and that means everything for me in the world, this is why the topic selection is often such one, picking up a toy and trying to model :-) 

      But I am very glad participating in this Lighting and Shading class, it would be really pity leaving the models grey, so this month tried to cumulate all of them which were participated in the before classes. Also good feeling to know that they are own ones, with all of their mistakes on the road

    • csehz  Difficult to say too much about the lighting match when the goal is 2D but what I can say is that I love to see the Giraffe again. Very funny choice to go with goal image like that, didn't even thought about that. It seems to match pretty well anyways.

      Oh yeah I can imagine adding different shaders to a sculpture. I can guess it's be pretty painful and maybe doesn't even pay off when some crispiness can be seen where the colors change.

      Since understanding colors feels like an important topic for me at the moment, I started to think about Christmas colors. The later image gives a feeling that there is a bright christmas tree behind the Monkey but how to make it feel more christmassy? I think maybe there should be white somewhere between the red and green or something. It can also be difficult to make that with lights because even if Christmas is so happy time the colors are for some reason pretty cold. Well maybe it's because it's cold outside, don't know lol.

      Ps. Nice to see you using your own old models even if you have to dig them from the depths of recycle bin.

    • crew

      You know my audience is mainly our little girl who sometimes smiling when seeing a giraffe or a monkey on the screen and that means everything for me in the world

      csehz You're such a good father, sir. And I'm not sure what kind of teacher I am to grade you by the wrong context...

      While I [awkwardly] think it's the right context for me to grade everyone by a "professional" standard, just know that I highly respect your goal with CG and Blender. It's just so..pure. Keep it up!

    • theluthier  a touching moment … respect for both of u . i mean it

    • While I [awkwardly] think it's the right context for me to grade everyone by a "professional" standard

      theluthier Absolutely agree and yes please always grade objectively with the standars on CG Cookie, since also the polls confirmed that big percent of the participants in the classes has ambition to be professional. Anyway Lara also expects such level from the father :-)

      And I'm not sure what kind of teacher I am

      You are a perfect teacher Kent, if you might need 1 objective feedback then in my honest opinion your biggest strength is being charismatic, your personality had a key role to attract and build such a community, to where it is simply good to come. Always enjoying the live streams and really does not matter whether you save the file, I would say even it is better when not :D You are star who should travel to the Blender conference once and present :-)

  • Okay it is Monday morning so at least can describe the things regarding the WIP monkey from the recycle bin..

    Week3 - Character Lighting 

    So basically the concept of turning the "Buddha Monkey" to a "Christmas Ornament" I liked quite fast, but then run into two serious issues which just ate my time:

    1) assigning separate materials to the sculpted object, it is quite hard to do precisely plus in Edit mode also very slow (plus the shading of course showed some issues with the model again :D)

    2) creating an appealing background, the idea was that the ornament would be hanging maybe on the christmas tree or at least a kind of atmosphere about christmas, well, it was way too ambitious in my timeframe

  • Kent's right, your work has potential and your portfolio has a solid start.  I think what you did with the bedroom is excellent and the animals are super cute.   The Flintstones car is interesting, it's the first time I've seen a CG model that looks like it's made of play-doh, I'd love to see it colored with simple dull-shaded primaries/secondaries.  Nice work.

    On the giraffe, I see what look like seam artifacts that Blender's Texture Painting unfortunately causes.  Texture Paint's 'Bleed' value found under 'Options' is suppose to fix this but it's defective and tends to make a mess when set to a higher value.  You can fix these visible seams once you're done painting by doing a quick Texture Bake .  No HighPoly to LowPoly workflow needed, just bake directly to a new texture and the baker will add a margin overdraw to all the islands and your seams should now be perfectly hidden.  I append _A to the painted texture and _B to the texture I'm baking to,  then I delete the _A version after baking.  Here's a quick walk-through in case you've never used texture baking.   He leaves the Margin at default 16 but I always crank it up to 64 which is the maximum and it's always worked beautifully for me.  https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/13508/how-do-i-bake-a-texture-using-cycles-bake

    • mmarcclintdion Thank you for being so kind seeing potentials in the models, yes somewhere being proud that they are own ones and also my favourite is the Flinstone car :-) 

      And of course also for the constructive advice, before I did not consider too much that would like to shade and light models, but this class raised my interest as it would be really pity to leave them grey. Or for example simply a metal shading would give totally different personality to the Buddha Monkey, than a christmas ornament material :D

  • Week4 - Bathroom scene

    Before of anything, Eevee forever! 

    I will forgive everything, that strange reflection in the mirror, or that did not find the way how to remove that strange circle

     so had to swith off the lights :-) (the closest try was changing the point lights to sun, but that had effect in the whole illumination in the room), the 2.8 going to be great version just patience. 

    As mentioned before I am very grateful for the render times of Eevee that was able to participate in this class at all with the oldie 2011 computer, this is the state till got Sunday deadline night

  • crew

    csehz I really appreciate the kind words. They're very encouraging. Means a lot 🙇

    Now to critique you based on a standard that you're not even aiming for......

    So I spent a couple hours with this same bathroom scene and Eevee and I also could not figure out the point light 'orb' reflection in the mirror. Pretty weird..

    I suppose the biggest note I have is that the exterior world doesn't seem to be directly effecting the room much. It looks bright and sunny outside but the interior is lit uniformly by a mysterious light source that doesn't seem to be the window. It makes for a visual disconnect from outside to inside.  Also I'm unsure how the floor is being lit under the vanity where arguably the darkest shadow would exist.

    Anyway that's enough technical critique. I know Eevee can do some curious things on its own. The most important thing is that Lara enjoys it! I can only imagine she does with those coral green walls and pink rug 👍 It's a B in my book.

  • Week3 - Lighting Match #3

    Almost all the circumstances this week tried to hinder me both working and posting the third lighting match exercise, but I am posting with proving to myself that never giving up with my hobby/passion/love which is Blender.

    I know it is far away from the perfect, but after completing all the CG Cookie classes in 2018 just decided to not correct further, just sitting back and reading rather other's homework thread from joy.

    theluthier Just a big big thanks for the class experience Kent this year, it was an awesome travel and learnt so lot of with PRACTICE, which was the most missing thing for me.



    • csehz very good attempt Zsolt, the pink front lighting is perfect :) the back light I do not see but that's for another time ;)

    • ssmurfmier1985 Thanks a lot Miranda for the advice, I doubled the power of that lamp to see the lilac color more.

      Anyway poor Giraffe had to participate also in this exercise, inspite of that I planned him/her as a test or similiar size of object, knowing that probably the model is too smooth on the side in comparison to a robot in the reference.

      In the final version wanted to use rather the flowers (from the August class) in a vase or something for this composition. But okay that stayed really for another time