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BC4-1810 Homework Mjans

Here is my homework for BC4-1810

  • My submission for simple lighting.  

  • Nice day scene.  I like the touch of orange in the light.  The night scene has a lot of yellow-green, which is making it feel more like a creepy mad scientist vibe than a comfortable place to sleep, but that's more of a stylistic thing.  It's lit nicely.

  • Homework submission week 1, part 2.  

    I finally had some time to complete the toy truck example.  Let me know what you all think.  Thank you.

  • theluthier hey Kent,  Was debating using this as my goal for a lighting match this week.   Is it a good match to use? 

  • Week 2 homework.  I ran out of time as life got in the way but wanted to submit what I have 

    Light match Original picture is the flash example.  I used a model from Blendswap "Rigged Man With Walk Cycle" by brightonpiers and tried to match it

    For my car I rendered with both eevee and cycles



  • crew

    mmjans First, again, I think you picked a great lighting example to match. Your match looks close but the biggest difference to me is the camera angle. In line with what Silent said, it looks to me like the camera is simply rotated around to face your character's back more directly, whereas the source image's camera is face more the side/back angle.

    Aside from the camera angle, I kinda wish you'd left your model without the various colors of shirt/pants/shoes/skin. With these matches I recommend keeping the material as close to the source as possible. It's just an immediate disconnect when comparing. 

    Still the lighting itself looks close as far as I can tell. I give it a B 👍

    Your vehicle renders are solid. I like that you did a Cycles Vs Eevee comparison. With the Eevee render my biggest note is that the AO seems to be missing. If you don't have Ambient Occlusion enabled in the render settings, I strongly recommend you enable them. If they are enabled, I recommend increasing the strength (factor I think it's called). Without it we don't have a feeling of proximity between objects, especially close to one another, like car to ground. I give it a B+. Good work this week!

    • theluthier Thanks for the feedback,  I do have ao and on my reload with eevee it came up.  I might have accidentally kicked it off during the render.  It does increase the image appeal.  

      The model shirt and pants came default with the model from blendswap.     Next time, I might re due the materials... There is always more to do next time

  • theluthier
      Quick question for light match this week how is this as a match?  As one of the critiques from my match last week  was that the model coloring didn't allow for a connection to the match.  Be trying to match this one I feel like the lighting will now be the focus.  Is it a good one to match or should I keep looking?

  • Homework submission week 3 Light Match 2

    • mmjans The LM is definitely getting closer.  The second goblin looks more interesting, too.  I kind of wish there were shadows to help ground the character, but it's more interesting visually than the black background.  Good work.

    • crew

      mmjans Silent gave you some good advice. Dialing down your material's value brings your render much closer to the source. My one note is that I'd like to see a slight amount of glossy reflection on the model. I mean real subtle, like 0.4 on the roughness and 0.1 or 0.2 for the amount of specular (assuming your using the principled shader). B+ from me.

      As for your character, it was a good choice - like your light match - to darken your material from white to more of a mid grey. It avoids blowing out much better. Great job on the strong rim light; The purple and orange work well together too. The background is definitely more interesting than black but it's also kinda random. Almost like it's some sort of log that's been highly blurred. I'm finding myself slightly distracted by it..I'd recommend a simpler gradient: Dark on the outside corners and fading to a slightly brighter purple in the middle.

      Another B+ from me.

  • Homework submission week 3 

    done in 2.8 with cycles 

    • mmjans On the goblin character itself, I think I like the lighting. I think you could have done more of a backdrop for him for a little more interest than a solid black.

      on the color match, I think you have the right idea with the color and placement, but I think the strength is a little too high, which is doing 2 things.. one, too much light bleed as it goes further down the character (and that could be too much front fill as well) and also causes the start of the transition to be lower down on your character than in the source. Needs either lower strength or a sharper falloff somehow.

      Still, overall, solid work.

    • gradyp  Thanks for the tips on the light match.  After looking at the same model for a while I get tunnel vision on what it needs.  I will look at it and play on my time to make it sharper.  Thanks

    • gradyp , I took your background tip for showcasing my model.  Is this more what you were thinking of as a more interesting background to display my model?  I def think it looks more interesting.

    • mmjans I think it does help :D

  • theluthier  This weeks Work in progress.  Anyone have tips on what I should work on?


    • mmjans I'd say the main thing is just to crank up the lights. That will help you see what is going on. They can always be dialed back down later if you're going for a crepuscular feel. Other than that, a few of the textures you have look worn and ragged (particularly the island; looks like plywood that only got a single coat of paint).  I'm not sure "old and beat up" suits the model, but at least that look isn't consistent with the rest of the textures. You will want to commit your texturing to a specific direction eventually, but first I would make the whole scene brighter.

    • pprocyonlotor here is a brighter render 

  • Homework submission week 2

    Pic 1 Light match source photo

    Pic 2 My attempt at light matching it (model from blendswap)

    Pic 3 my arch viz 

    Pic 3

    • mmjans the arch viz looks really great. The light match I think you have more of a yellow brons tint in you're art while it's more light Grey with a blue tint. Also you have harsh shadows while in the reference this isn't happening. The background should also be a bit darker. Still great work done 

    • yyukinoh1989 Thanks Yukino, I def spent more time on the arch vix, and good notes on the light match

    • crew

      mmjans Congrats on finishing submitting homework all 4 weeks! Your light match is close although yours seems to have more yellow in it than the source. Also our background gradient is more contrasted than than the source. Could be distracting. That's my only 2 note though. B+ from me.

      Your arch viz is a solid effort though I have some notes there too:

      • While I like the dramatic sun light casting interesting shadows on the kitchen, the extreme angle suggests a sunrise or sunset. In which case the sun needs to be tinted more toward orange. Also the fanning angle of the shadows seem like you're using an area light instead of a sunlight. Since the sun is so far away, the shadows tend to be straight without a noticeable fanning of shadow angles.
      • The wooden floor is in desperate need of reflectivity. Maybe raw wood floor exist in someone's house, but I've only ever seen finished floors, meaning polyurethaned. A) for looks but also B) for durability. That's to make a case that ALL wood floors should be reflective therefore. Even if it's subtle, I highly recommend adding some reflection to the wood floor and the ceiling beam.
      • The wallpaper / pattern on the walls look like denoising artifacts. Is the pattern also used on the cabinets? They're a little splotchy too. I'd recommend going with a solid color or a more artificial pattern rather than a "textured" wall look, just to avoid the confusion.

      Another B+ from me 👍

    • mmjans I agree with the other critiques.  It also looks like some ambient occlusion is missing in certain places in your archviz, like the feet of the chairs meeting the floor.