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Dear Mr. Wayne Dixon Sir

Hello Mr. Dixon,

I would like to kindly ask if it is possible to cover these animation topics for Blender in a video tutorial:

- Grease Pencil Animation

- Quadruped animation

- Animating with props

I am sure there are many more other animation topics others are interested in and I would like to welcome those other suggestions.

Thank you for reading Mr. Dixion.


  • I love the way this is formatted. 

  • crew

    Haha so formal 🤵 #respect

    CC'ing waylow 

  • Well... Never heard anyone say: "Oh Boy... You have been to respectful on that one!" :D :D :D

    Thank you Mr. Trammell ;)

  • crew

    Dear Mr Zone,

    Thank you for your request.  I hope you will be happy to learn that the Mr. Wayne Dixon Sir Production Department is currently working hard to produce more content for you.

    Unfortunately, it won't cover the topics you mentioned in your request, however, for information on how to animate with props, check out animating-a-robot-arm. This is a simplified example of how to do said task.

    We would like to thank you for your request, and inform you that it has been forwarded to the Mr. Wayne Dixon Sir Brainstorming Department for future development.

    Kind regards,

    Mr. Wayne Dixon Sir

  • Dear Mr Dixon Sir, 

    Thank you very much for your fast reply. 

    Please call me Kill. 

    I would like to also thank you for your advice on the prop animation as well as express my appreciation for all your hard work and the consideration of my suggested topics. 

    I am excited and look forward to you next tutorials and hope to learn much from it. 

    Kind regards,