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BC1-1808 Homework, sadicus

  1. Hot Keys 
  2. Transform
  3. Add Primitives
  4. Edit Mode / Merge Verts / New EdgeFacefrom Verts / Show Normals
  5. Modifiers / SubDiv / Mirror / Apply
  6. Join Objects (Combine?)

Will be more fun after memorizing a few basic tools.

Abstract Arc: "Go to the 3D Cursor."

  • Excellent!  

    Yeah once you use the tools a few times, I find it doesn't take long to start getting the hang of them.  And it stays that way - I've been using Blender for now not quite a year and have been using left-click select all that time; but I went back to right-click select at the beginning of this week and it only took a couple of days before I was acclimated to it.

  • nice one :)

  • Looks good :)

  • Sadicus... wonderful use of primitives. Love the reflective marble look. Not sure if I wanna walk through to the other side though - kinda ominous looking :)

  • Nice!  The lighting on the box shapes is tripping me out.

  • crew

    sadicus Good submission! You've got some really nice details going on with the pillars and rail spindles. Are these really all primitives? Cause that's amazing. You've earned an A from me 👍

    Abstract Arc: "Go to the 3D Cursor."

    Heh does this mean your scene's message is "the light at the end of the tunnel is the 3D cursor"? That's pretty clever 😅

  • week 2

  • Week # 2 Homework Submission

    This project was to practice what I thought would be simple Hard Surface, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.
    I ran into many issues, being new to blender, had no way of knowing if it was a 2.8A2 issue, lack of understanding or both.


    • Image plane
    • Moving verts, faces, edges
    • Face Extrusion


    1. SOLVED Generate> Empty How to create a custom shape to use as an "Empty"
      Cannot create custom empty.
    2. SOLVED How to array (model world center, rotate, THEN array)
    3. SOLVED Correct Modifier order (Subdivide/Boolean)
    4. SOLVED How to separate / break/split  faces from a modified mesh (mesh + SubD mod, select faces, duplicate, faces are STILL attached and selected as one mesh.)
    5. How to cut an edge across nGon (select two verts then cut?)

    • sadicus 

      4.  If I'm reading this correctly, you'll want to hit P, which brings up the Separate menu, and click on Selection.  Now it's a separate object.

      5. You can use the knife tool (k) to cut between two verts.

    • crew

      sadicus Way to get in there and figure stuff out, sadicus. Clearly you were practicing smart, efficient modeling using modifiers. Being new to Blender it only makes sense to get hung up on some things.

      1. I don't quite understand the question. Empties are a locked object in meshes can't be converted to empties nor vice versa. Are you asking about using empties as image planes?

      2. Did you see week 2's stream? I demo the array modifier starting at 1:40:16

      3. You want Subsurf modifier first, then boolean. Booleans create ngons that look bad when smoothed with subsurf.

      4 and 5 are answered well by silentheart

      EDIT: Forgot to post a grade: It's an A 👍

    • ahhh, Is there no Strikethrough font setting? oh well.

      QUESTION How to center the 3D Cursor to the Triangle Center?


      Thanks for the help, 

      @Kent Trammell
      The "empty" come in basic primitive shapes and I was wondering if a custom shape could be created and turned into an empty.
      example, I wanted an Empty in the shape of a equilateral triangle to use as an Array controller. A Cube Empty was used and worked, but would have been nice to visualize  using a triangle. (I converted a cube into a triangle to snap the three bottom pieces in Place.) ...because i don't know what the hek I'm doing! yet.

      Empty Cube Array Controller

      Triangle Primitive created, used for vert snapping

    • sadicus Did you remove doubles for your box empty?  It might be weighting the center towards that corner since there are 2 verts there, not 1.

    • sadicus you can use custom shapes for controling a rig for animation, so it should be possible. You can check out how it works in the Fundamentals of Rigging course.

      Good work by the way on the Primitives 😊

  • My homework thread for the  August 2018 Class 

    Week 3 - Homework submission - Digital Clay  - Primitives 

  • My homework thread for the  August 2018 Class 

    Week 4 - Homework submission - Digital Clay  - Mothra-ish

    Since the assignment was "challenge yourself" I picked the Mothra Kaiju. (from Godzilla franchise.)
    *Mothera is arguably the lamest Kaiju ever and the Challenge was to stay interested in sculpting it's larva head.
    Considering I've only put in 20hrs (total) in this Blender Course.
    Spent about 4hrs on this mostly figuring out tech stuff, t's not the worst 3D sculpt I've ever seen, it's somewhat recognizable and It's the best I can do currently. Besides, mum says it looks good and a print is on the fridge, with 3 magnets! lol

    Techniques Used:

    • Be realistic about personal skill level vs ambitions
    • Hard surface + Sculpt tools. (Mask, Layer, Grab, SnakeHook, Flatten, Clay)
    • Model the Head to look like Plastic toy

    I've never participated in an online Class before and because of the fun and encouragement, I intend to continue learning B2.8! 
    Had fun working on the Aug 4 week projects, and it's inspiring to see all the progress everyone has made. Thanks to Kent for the informative and entertaining Class, and thank you to those who commented and helped with questions!

    Example of Mirror not working as expected. To fix this issue: Object> Apply Rot, Loc, Trans
    (Maya equivalent is Freeze transforms, Delete History)

    Also, Mirrored mesh needs to have Normals Flipped. ...see I am learning a few things! :)

    *Since no-one here knows me, I modeled this because it's my wife's favorite Kaiju.
    ...and she knows I'm only kinda joking!

  • crew

    sadicus Whew this thing gives me the creeeeps. Just the phrase "larva head" is enough to make my skin crawl. So, well done! Surely that's the goal of a design like this.

    I think it turned out quite well. You're accurate to the reference, forms are shaped well, solid detail work, and my favorite thing: What appears to be an Eevee render! Unless I'm wrong and this is Cycles, I so respect that you're digging around in Eevee and making beautiful images with it. The glow I love and is that even SSS on the fleshy part? Very cool effects.

    It's an easy A in my book 👏

  • Late to the party.  Creepy.  Good sculpt.