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BC1-1808 Homework, Zsolt Cseh

Homework Submission Week 1

Hereby opening my personal BC1-1808 room, welcome everyone who click into it :-)

Actually I built this scene with still 2.79 because often having time constraint, so left 2.8 for the developers yet, but already being interested very much in general.

My intend was to composite something, which builds somehow itself, adding things here or there till a kind of balance formed on the picture, hopefully you feel the fresh air there, even the locomotive breathing pink steam :-)

Homework Submission Week 2

Homework Submission Week 3

Homework Submission Week 4

  • So colorful! Looking at your scene gives me a big smile on my face 😁

  • Very nice!  I like the colors are very fun and happy, and I like the composition.  I find it a little weird that there are cone trees.  Something feels off about that side and I don't know exactly why.  I wonder if you swapped the back house and windmill positions what kind of balance/ symmetry that would do.  I like it overall.

  • Real cute, and glad to see you on this class! I do have to agree with silentheart00 though in the fact that it feels a little lopsided, at least in the foreground. Maybe swap around the windmill and the house? Could work. Great choice of colours though, they really stand out, it looks real nice!

  • The trees on the far right feel like they're glued to the side of the hill.

  • Cool picture, liking it. composition wise it seems to be a bit everywhere. bit hard to tell which is the focal point if its the locomotive, the trees on right could be more tilted. the left close windmill maybe have another ground ball on left of it so you could then tilt the windmill towards to the right.and maybe change the middle house on the right side of the road so its point aswell to the locomotive. 

  • Thanks guys a lot for your perceptions, yes agreeing with all of them, surely there could be improved with spending some time on it yet.

    Basically the left windmill is placed there as that yellow area is some wheat field or something by the concept. So just thought that is there while one house in the middle.

    In general being glad that the composition itself started a kind of brainstorming about its balance if it has at all, maybe inspite of being of a picture, the objects on it are moving :D 

  • Soooo fun and colorful. Wonderful job

  • crew

    csehz This looks straight out of one of my kids tv shows. Love the colors - love the vibe. Great job! A+ from me.

    I can see where people are coming from with the 'lopsided feel". Part of it is the chosen style. The trees on the furthest right hill..it feels like the bottom of the hill is a sphere and sloping under itself; causing the furthest front trees to be parallel.

    Also the terrain is very round and rolling, but the right edge of the river is straight. Feels out of place a bit.

    Overall, it's a fantastic submission and these notes are minor. But part of being better at computer graphics/art is that the critiques get more plentiful and more nit picky. We just see something great and want to see it be great+ :)

    • theluthier I absolutely understand and being grateful for the constructive critiques, finding it as a very important feedback.

      Also thanks for everyone for the nice words, this week had to stay back a little bit on the forum as needed to focus on the homework on week 2 :D

  • Your model makes me happy inside!   lol  makes me imagine if I was tiny I could go play in your town and it would always be sunny with lots o' play dough to play with :D Nice work can't wait to see your next one.

  • Homework Submission Week 2

    In January there was the tyre challenge in some phase, which inspired me to do something similiar but with flowers, as long time planned to experiment with flower petals.

    Please find in which variations it came out from a resized cube as base, even did not combine with its shape too much, rather left the rest to the array and lattice modifiers, plus subsurf applied on all of them. 

    The diversity shows so much possibilities, that once in Python would like to do some flower generator kind of something, it is a dream but who knows maybe will be able to present the results in the planned Python class once

  • Nice work.  What a fun experiment.

  • Homework Submission Week 3

    Being not sure whether will get time on the weekend for sculpting the face as extra credit, this is why posting already the other two tasks.

    Melvin v4 - sculpting Melvin fourth times (still with mouse) now and again learnt from it of course, basically that tutorial is brilliant from Kent in my opinion, it has so good rhythm and contains alone the most of the things from sculpting techniques.

    Sketchfab link - https://skfb.ly/6AWSv

    Three primitives - the sphere and cone could be resized in Object mode although that would not show the reality, that they became smaller during the smoothing and the quad view also show where things stayed not perfect. Also learnt from it again, this was done second times during my career :D

    • csehz great work zsolt! Your melvin is very smooth 😊 His raised fist looks a bit flat so maybe a bit more with the inflate brush? Also spot a little bump above his straight leg so maybe a bit more smoothing there? It's really good though looks very much like the concept art! 😬

      The Primitives are nice too, especially the cube. The sphere looks a bit squarish still. The cone is very sharp! Good sculpting 😄👍🏻

    • csehz Hey, not bad!  For Melvin, I suggest to take a look at all angles, not just the beauty shot.  The beauty shot looks pretty good, but as soon as you orbit around, there are a lot of areas that could be improved.  Melvin's blocky in some places, the bent leg looks longer than the unbent one, the fist in the air is also a bit flat in the finger area.  Sculpting with a mouse must be challenging.

      Your primitives are pretty good.  The sphere is still blocky and longer in the x-axis than the y- or z-axis.  Overall, good work, but I think you can push yourself more.

    • crew

      csehz Fourth time sculpting Melvin?! Sheesh..I need to give you a unique assignment 😅 I'm glad you say  you're still learning from it. When we update our fundamental courses for 2.8 I'll try to keep that video as similar as possible.

      Both your primitives and your Melvin are very well done, Zsolt. An easy A in my book. 👍

  • Looking good Zsolt. Have to say that the cube looks pretty tight.

  • Great use of the polish brush. Melvin looks so smooth. He has quite a beautiful sheen to his skin for a sheep eating monster.

  • Thanks guys for the constructive perceptions again, sorry for the late answer but my time to Blender is so much limited in the night hours that need to decide, modeling or checking the forum (the latter is also a pleasure of course!).

    Kent I know that Wednesday is not Sunday regarding the deadline :D, but let me add my heroic advanture with the mouse yet, being not too proud to the result and will drop it out soon to restart a new one

    Also planning that to my birthday would like to ask a drawing tablet :D Basically I am left-handed and not only using mouse but doing the sculpting with right hand actually, which is so a double handicap. While with a drawing tablet on the left side on the computer and in the better hand, with the mouse staying on the right side, it could be maybe a double advantage suddenly :D

    • csehz This bust looks better.  The proportions are still a little wonky, but better, I think.  Take a look at your own face.  Where do your eyes fall on your face?  About how far apart are your eyes?  Where are your ears in relation to your facial features?  Where does your nose fall in relation to your jawbone?  Where to the corner of your lips fall in relation to your eyes?  Where do your nose nostrils fall in relation to other features?  I suggest picking up some books about anatomy and proportions.  I suggest this book for proportions and this one for anatomy.  For anatomy, I wouldn't worry too much about memorizing the medical names, just study the shapes.  Keep pushing a little every day.  Consistent work is better than spurts of work.  You got this.

    • csehz Very brave to attempt this with a mouse, with the wrong hand no less. Not a bad try! I think silentheart gave so good feedback, so I gotnothing to add to that. You keep trying, you're doing great work! 😊

  • WIP Week 4

    Guys could you please turn around this model on Sketchfab link https://skfb.ly/6BnTx and point out its biggest issues where it needs improvements? 

    I would like to take the good occassion of the Class to use your more experienced eyes as reference (the lens settings is 60 anyway for this view)

    • csehz Now you're thinking with proportions!  Good work!  The sketchfab model looks a little lumpy in places.  Try turning down the strength on the smooth brush to help buffer those lumps out.  Maybe the tummy is a little large; it looks like it's the monkey is 2 heads tall total, so the tummy would be roughly 2/3 of a head and the feet are the last 1/3.  If you could flatten out the bottom of the feet more, I think that would help to take some height off.

      After checking rough proportions again, it looks like it's about right.  Maybe the 3D view is skewing things a little.  I still think flattening the bottom of the feet will help.  Maybe the belly is too wide?  It looks like the widest point in your reference meets with the cheeks.  Ears look good, the face looks pretty good, too.  Maybe the lower section of the top lip could be pulled out more?  Similar thought with the bottom lip.  Hands look good.  I like the creases separating the different sections; it looks really nice.  Great improvement!

    • csehz Another (very minor) thing to point out is there's a bit of clipping and all around funky verts between its legs. Nothing major mind you, but just thought I'd point it out.

    • crew

      csehz The biggest thing I'm stuck on is the face. The toy's face is super cute whereas the sculpt is lacking such cuteness. For one, the mouth looks more etched on the face rather than truly indented / formed into the face. The eyes feel...well..like nipples. I'd make them simply round ovals (no dimple in the middle).

  • Homework Submission Week 4

    Ajjaj it is "Deadline Sunday", when my vertex counts went up uncontrolled, the computer counting for half minutes at each saving, which okay gives at least time to see others homework, but what to do now when so lot of things should be corrected or at least addressed yet?

    In the meantime knowing that tomorrow is work, have to do some (real) cloth ironing, it can be the side effect of Blender thinking that it will be enough to iron the left side of the shirt as anyway the other one will be symmetrized for free :D

    But so okay the result, before of anything silentheart00  Silent would like to thank you that you checked the WIP version so thoroughly and adviced in so details, Kent also for you mentioning that an ellipse would be much better for the eyes.

    Tried to touch everything which was mentioned in your advices and possibly not crash everything, the banana in the left hand is rather symbolic as did not want to change the neutralized position of the model with modifying the fingers there to keep it.

    23:55 here and also the Sketchfab went up to link https://skfb.ly/6B7t8 with a 70% decimated version, anyway I think this guy is simple more fat than the reference and from that satisfied state naming him "Buddha Monkey" from now :-)