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about version 2.8 on mac

I know 2.8 is in development I try to compare the current version of 2.7b with 2.8 of blender

is there a place where I can go to see any 101 tutorals  for getting started with blender 2.8?

Thank You inadavnce

  • Yes! We need some transitioning tutorials!  (simple). Note that this original inquiry is dated June 2018. It has no answers.

    Today is February 8, 2019, nearly 9 months later and still nothing to note but for grease pencil.

    CG should be on this like flies on butter. 

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    • awa They are working on it, the next couple of months they're rerecording every course in the beginner learning flow with 2.8 and all the new features, so these are ready before the official version is released. That's quite a lot of work by the way. The modeling a mini tank course is done in 2.8 and covers the new painting with layers methods, with eevee. There are a couple of tutorials that are done with 2.8, not only grease pencil but for example also modeling a shield and a tut about the new hair bsdf shader. Also, the last couple of live classes and livestreams they have been using 2.8 a lot too. So they are doing quite a bit to help us transition 😊

    • ssmurfmier1985 

      Thanks for your reply. It's not CGC specifically, though I was in their forum when I made the comment, but rather a wider plea to those who have tutorials in 2.79 that hopefully will be "upgraded".  I realize it takes time, subject matter changes, and that some tutors are on to  greater heights. My comment was born of frustration with 2.8. I probably am an outlier but I'd rather be learning with a buggy 2.8 beta, than a soon to be overtaken 2.79.  

      Kudos to all tut creators, it is my goal to be one too.