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Character sculpting polybook

Hello CGC citizens, i have been seeing a lot of your polybooks and decided to do one myself, it does sound really cool to do one :). On mine you will see my progress on trying to achieve my dream of becoming a great character artist :3, although i am not that good right now, i do believe in myself to evolve specially with your feedback guys ;).

I am really trying my best to get good, i've been watching a ton of timelapses and other videos when i can and i have also started an everyday challenge to sculpt something of a character, even if it's like a 10 minute sculpt (because of andrew price's speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM39qhXle4g&t=1319s). Right now i am very busy with school since i am finishing 12º grade, but in about 2 months i will start posting fun stuff like a full character sculpt :3.

Also i want to add that i started learning 3D in the start of 2017 on CGC and everything i do in blender was taught to me by CGC :). Until recently i've been doing generalist stuff, but now i have found true passion in character sculpting! (This was probably due to all the fun i had in Kent's march class of stylized characters)

  • Male head practice, WIP (was beggining the ears) but i have to sleep, it's already 5 am

  • I continued the male head sculpt from yesterday and if you recognize the character from somewhere then i made a decent job... hint: it's from league of legends.

    It's kayn, the shadow reaper. By far my favourite league of legends character :), there's no back part of his hair cause i have no idea how to model that long back piece 

  • I'm kind of tired of just restarting heads everyday so i decided to go a bit further on this one, lets see how it goes.

    Skin modifier base done
    I don't think i've sculpted bodies more than 4 times so my anatomy knowledge is still pretty bad, although this base is looking decent to me.

  • I gathered a lot of male body references into pure ref and started sculpting a low poly pass all around the body (15 constant detail size dyntopo, 56k verts total). I won't get much into certain parts like the legs since they are covered by clothes.

    • ttabbyr i'm considering the high poly body done (maybe will further improve later) and i'll move into kayn's left side's "armor" (it's actually rhaast growing into him if you know the character).

      Praising reference images right now, without them i would have made a complete alien but thanks to them i did something much better than i thought i could do for my current skill.

      I'm still figuring out how to do the ponytail (i think that's the name) in the back, once i do i will complete and polish the hair

    • ttabbyr i feel like this is as far as i can go with dyntopo for the chest piece of rhaast, after retopo it'll be much easier to achieve good shapes. This part took so muuuuch work to match the reference image and also making a hard surface feel.
      There are a lot of diferent versions of this chest piece, i chose the one from the champion teaser (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmdkmPsmEnA) which in my opinion looks the coolest.


      i think it's looking pretty cool so far, i'm very happy to see me improving

    • ttabbyr arm piece was so hard and took so much work, i wonder how much time the artist that made kayn's model had to complete it. Anyway i'm tomorrow maybe going to fix some dirty edges and move on(don't want to be stuck in one part for too long), after i'm done with everything i'll do a final polish on all the model to then retopo.

    • ttabbyr I've been having a bad headache but still doing kayn, i'm having a lot of trouble cause i'm not a pro(yet :) ), still figuring out how to do clothes (blockout done)

    • ttabbyr guys i think this is as far as i think i can go with dyntopo, to proceed i think i would have to retopo and that's pretty much to refine the shapes because really there's not that much to do anymore besides the rope on the belt thing and his hair but i still haven't figured out how to do those, i think i'll need to just search some tutorials, same for the clothes too i'm not really being able to do those

      not gonna lie here i actually prefer my face sculpture of kayn over the actual one that's in the game so i am really happy about this, but of course the guy that made the original one is much better than me

    • ttabbyr progress on the hair and rope and i also perfected the chest piece on the back, really like how it's looking now.
      Now i just need to perfect the leg armor and the skirt thing