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What breaks particle systems?

Anyone know any settings that can cause the grooming of a particle system to get all weird?

Also, I checked later in the tutorial, where some vertex groups got messed up by "normalize all". I already fixed that, so this is a different issue. The particle settings are all good but the groom got all mussed around. In my "piero rig only" file, it's totally fine! So the issue didn't happen during the rig, but something I did during one of the animation tutorial steps. Strange.

I tried to append the old particle settings to the new file but saw no changes. :/


  • First things I would check are children settings (if you're using child particles) and modifier stack order.

  • crew

    My first guess would be the same as Matt's - I'd bet that there's a modifier above it in the stack (subsurf?) that was added or changed value, causing there to be a different number of vertices and confuse where they're being emitted from. 

    • The only modifier above it is the armature, which was also there in the working version! I'll check out the children settings too,I just ended up re grooming it since I could not for the life of me figure it out. Annoying, but I'll have to do some regrooming for the final renders anyway.