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May Live Critiques - Submit Your Blender Art!

This May, all Blender Live Events will be dedicated to community critiques. That means each week in May we will select a handful of Citizen Pro members' Blender projects to critique live during a stream.

If you would like the focused eyes and insight of Kent and Jonathan Lampel to help push your Blender Art to the next level, please submit one of your projects to this thread. Both of us specialize in modeling, texturing, shading, and lighting of which we're most apt to critique. But I'm confident I could convince Wayne Dixon to guest-host an animation critique if we get interest in that.

Instructions for Submission:

NOTE: All active Citizen members have access to watch these live critique sessions and submit art to be critiqued in this thread.

  1. Post an image or embed a video to this thread representing your Blender Project for critique.
    • Optionally, if you have multiple images, post a link to your project on
  2. IMPORTANT: Please provide context for the project with a description that gives us an idea of what you're trying to achieve.
    • "I'm going for realism but something feels off and you don't know what..."
    • "I'd like to match the style of ______. What should I do to get there?"