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Illustration of Reborn Design (Spiris)

Hi everyone,

My name is Anthony and I create this topic to share my work with you and to discuss about it and others things related to it.

For this first post, I would like to share my last creation. I created my own version of the goddess Artemis in photoshop.

See you next time with new creation ! And have fun !

  • Illustration of the day : Mysterious encounter. A youg mage discovers a spirit of waters. Created with Photoshop :) 

  • Hey. I really like your characters. They look really fresh and orgional. You definently have character creation and anatomy down, I'm jealous! The only thing I see that you need to work on (and- warning, I don't think I am a good enough artist to give critique like this lol) is value and color. 

    For value I just think you need to use more more contrast on certain areas. And for color I think you need to use more hues in each of your colors. Also, there is a color study I just did on CGCookie where they pointed out that you need to shade with cooler colors and highlight with warmer. (Except for the time you highlight with blue for your second piece)

    I think using the cooler and warmer shading especially would really bring your characters to the next level! Let me know if any of this helped lol :) 👍👍 Keep up the awesome work. 

    • Hey Sam thank you for your comment and your advices :)

      I have to work on my light and shadows to bring more depth and life to my characters.
      It's true I don't use enough the hues, but I will. I already do the color study, it's was a very fun exercise.
      I have to think to apply it now on my own work lol :) 

      I began to challenge me and create one illustration per day.
      So I will work on that to bring my characters to the next level ;) 

      Thank you again !

  • Here the illustration of the day : a fox mechanic.
    I loved the movie Zootopia and I would like to create an anthropomorphic character too.
    It was a very fun time !

    See you soon with the next illustration ;)

  • Illustration of the day: Valentine's day ! Happy Valentine's day everyone !