Ronald Vermeij (indigowarrior9)

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Idea - The CGCookie Open Directory (to share good links with each-other)

This idea was triggered by this article  Getting started with Blender by Kent Trammell 

Most of the experienced artists have already found their way in the (Concept Art / GameDev / Sculpt and/or Blender) landscape. They know where the "(tutorial) goodies are hidden on the Internet.

The newcommers on the scene are just getting started, finding their way off/online, on the lookout for information about their favourite creative way of expression.

IDEA:  How about starting and maintaining a dedicated CGcookie OPEN DIRECTORY
filled with categorized links to (high quality) (e)Books/ Internet / tutorial resources?

An Open Directory is like the Yellow Pages, where you can quickly look up information about a given subject
that you quick need information on, without the need to "Google yourself into total filter-bubble oblivion" 
and - after hours, days, week,... still not find what you are looking for.

Examples of an Open Directory:
- Wikipedia - DMOZ 
- DMOZ v2
- DMZO-tools

Once we have created this Open Directory on this central location in the (Concept Art / GameDev / Sculpt and/or Blender) Universe, everyone can quickly exchange their own links to good internet resources with one and other, helping each-other to reduce the (search) time and effort needed to find the right info for the job.

Q: What do you think about this idea? Put it in the comments below please.