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Requests for more courses

I have a lot of requests for courses, so I decided I'd put them all here.  In no particular order, here they are.

  1. More lighting!  I know there is a beginner lighting course available, but you don't go beyond three-point lighting.  I would like to know more about lighting especially because that is one of the things I'm worst at.
  2. I want to know how to create skin.  All types of skin.  I want to learn how to make human skin, scales, feathers, wool, fins, and that membrane in frogs' throats that has visible veins.  Also, how to create realistic eyes.
  3. Advanced physics.  Blender can simulate soft bodies and fluids, but what about goopy stuff?  I want to make explosions, too, as well as rocket engines.  I also want to learn how to break things.
  4. Architecture.  I know the new course has a house, but what about more complex buildings?  What about their interiors?
  5. Clouds fog, nebulae-  anything that involves gas.  Or anything in space.
  6. Plants, nature, and landscapes.
  7. A spaceship or two wouldn't hurt, either.