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Basic Barrel Modeling

Hi guys,

I started using Blender and following courses here since some months.
Time for me now to get into heavy practice.
I did most of the level 1 classes (introduction to Blender) and a bit more.
I hope i understood quite well hardsurface modeling, basic texturing, shading and lighting.

I tried to make something very simple but do it properly. I tried to modelize barrels :)
Could you let me know what you think about it ?

I know the bump mapping on the ground could be better ; it seems to me i did what is necessary (had the normal texture, applied it with a normal map shader) but didn't seem to work.

For the barrels themselves, as i manipulated the texture, i couldn't applied the normal texture mapping anymore as i wouldn't correspond to the color texture anymore.

Thanks :-)

  • crew

    Looking good so far. I do have some recommendations on what to improve to make it look better. The textures on the barrels look either low resolution or stretched out. I would recommend finding a higher resolution texture for both the wood and the metal. The barrels themselves look like they were carved out of one tree trunk rather than slats of wood. You can make it look like slats of wood by either extruding the faces on the body (assuming you're using a cylinder) or you could also use the edges and push those in and/or also include a very thin face which you can push in to mimic depth between each piece. 

    For the handle on the spout, round off the edges. In real life that wouldn't be quite so sharp along the edges. Make it smoother, here is an example: 

    The floor looks good, a normal map would make it pop more for sure. As far as general "posing" for the camera, I would recommend adding a few more things so it doesn't look quite as empty. Otherwise get in closer on the barrels on focus on them to fill the image. I would also recommend adding a bit of rotation to the barrels so that they're not perfectly aligned. Imperfections actually help make something look better for stuff like this. 

  • Ok, thanks for the advices ! I'll try to apply them ! :)

  • Here we are !

    Indeed, i find it much better ! :) 

    If any other comments or critics, they are most welcome ! :)

  • Geat work on barrels and wood texture. You may want to make the tap a little bit wider it looks a little bit squashed from the side and the knob- inset and then extrude its lower part in the tap to make it a part of the tap. Right now, it looks bigger than tap.


  • Thanks for the critics ! I'll have a look at it ! :)