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Old Dog learning new tricks

I'm in the beginning phases of Blender and going through the Learning Flows. Currently, I'm trying to do the tire/wheel modeling exercise and wondering if I'm being too anal about it. I've got a 'tire' with treads thus far, but to my eye there appears to be bulges where each array begins/ends.

I've essentially taken a torus apart and reconstructed it through arrays, mirror and sub/surf. Everything is good until I go to add loop cuts for treads. Then bulging appears at each array. I've about frustrated my way out of experimenting with anything I can think of. Even made a bunch of mistakes along the way (I guess that's called learning).

So, am I too anal, or is there a way to rid myself of these terrible bulges? On the tire, not my gut!!

Oh, and should I be worried abot what the inside of the tire looks like (because of the treads being extruded to the inside)?

And no "Shade Smooth" in object mode doesn't take the bulges away.

  • LOL.. A virtual marathon that I seem to be running on crutches. Trying like the deuce to string 2 days together where I'm going through something. Life sometimes throws a lot of chickens in the way. Now the trick is to pluck those chickens and get onto something important.

    What's the most bothersome is when you pay for the membership annually and let it go to waste - that's on me not CGCookie by any means. That being said...

    I spent some time today going thru Proportional Editing (BootCamp) and made a fun little plane of bumps. (really Jonathan - I will get to your plane too)

    • pffsfs I feel you.  There were a couple months where I was in no position to do anything, so I feel like I wasted those 2 months subscription.  But hey, do the best you can with what you've got, and if you can go that extra hour, half hour, 15 minutes, then go.  You got this.

  • 23 July 2018

    Well. Well. Well. Finally got back at it and decided to start out with Jonathan and get his plane constructed and airborn. I think the way I'm goingto go about these courses from this point forward is to basically run through these three times. 1) make the modelfollowing along with Jonathan (or whichever instructor, 2) make the same model trying not to use instructor references (except when really confuddled), and 3) find another reference and make that model. I would hop after 3 times through the fundamentals start to come together into some sense of accomplishment

    Amazingly, this time round (yes started it from the beginning) when he turned on the 'matcaps' to check for surface artifacts, I was aware that the artifacts occur mostly around poles. Made it through "Blocking the Body" today. The lawn and getting motel rooms cleaned took a bit of precedence and will most likely tomorrow as well. But my goal is to get this little toy plane out of the hangar by the weekend. lol

    24 July 2018

    "Modeling the Body" is out of the way. Starting to develop the habit of going back over the model to even out geometry - definitely takes time to get that habit, but taking the time early on helps to keep the model looking consistent. Off to finish the lawn and hopefully have energy enough to tackle the nose cone.
  • 24 July 2018 (take two)

    Fifteen minutes wasted trying to get a circle to project onto the Nosecone. Problem: forgot to rotate the circle in edit mode. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. After applying rotation, it's amazing how smoothly tings went. The only thing I did differently was to NOT finish the tip of the nose as it was presenting all sorts of pinching problems in Mirror mode. After holes were cut, I applied the Mirror Modifier and then tackled filling in the tip of the Nosecone. Crossing fingers that I don't need to redo that. Guess I was using the "more than one way to skin a cat" theory.

    *poor kitty*

    Nighttime approaches and I feel a bit better - got almost one hour of instruction off the books.

  • 25 July 2018

    Holy smokes that took longer than expected. An hour putzing with something that took Jonathan less than 20 minutes to do (including explaining it). I feel drained, but I did pick up on a couple of things, so I guess I'm learning from my foul ups. Just keep moving on. Giving my brain a rest and back at it later. WIP Model posted in Projects file for those interested.

  • 26 July 2018

    Well... the prop and windscreen are now a part of the plane. I made a mistake in thinking that I could apply the mirror modifier to the nosecone earlier. Didn't realize there was still detail work to do, so.... had to delete 3/4 and try again. Still having a beast of a time trying to get the beveling to work properly on the nosecone area by the plane's body - it's only beveling in one direction as opposed to both directions from the edge loop chosen. Half hour wasted trying to track down the problem - very frustrating. But I suppose any model is going to have those issues.

    Still shooting for getting this accomplished over the weekend and dive into something more. Still have some cleanup to do on the windscreen. Not nearly as consistent as Jonathan's. Until the 'morrow.

  • 27-28 July 2018

    Oh Dear!!!! So many chickens got thrown in my way causing me to divert my attention to modeling. I HATE CHICKENS!! I made a bit of a modification to the back wheel as I felt it needed to be able to swivel - that why they refer to them as taildraggers.

    The beveling issues I was having earlier were solved via getting rid of a pesky extra edge loop. That’s what was stopping the two directional beveling. I’m guessing I must have stopped an extrusion without realizing it and caused a duplicate edge loop.

    Tomorrow, It’s interior design on the plane. After which, I’m not sure if I want to switch over to texture tuts to give the plane some pizazz or maybe continue on with Modeling Bootcamp. I guess I’ll see how I feel about this all. Next step will be to model this plane without referring back to the tuts. After that, I’ve got an AT-6 picked out to model. AT-6s were the trainer planes that pilots used in WW2. Looking forward to see how that venture goes.

    Off to look at the gallery and a few exercises before calling it a day. Toodles all.

  • 14 August 2018

    Oh dear gawd.... I thinkI just didn't want to tackle the last issue I was having with this plane - the back end was out of whack, and wasn't sure how to close the hole. Never ever ever gonna let anything like this stand in my way of learning or completing a project. Unfortunately the windscreen got a bulge in it as I went in and tried adding another edge loop after the fact (DON'T DO THAT AGAIN). I'm really not sure what to say on this... I basically procrastinated away 2 weeks for no good reason. Okay... I'm finished beating myself up over this.

    Time to do Kent's homework and try this plane again without the aid of the tut and start going through Mesh Modeling Bootcamp. We'll see how much I get accomplished this week. Really looking forward to it. Finished product on other thread and I guess I'll post to my gallery as well - it is an accomplishment of sorts.