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Tim's Final Stream - TODAY at 2PM CST

Twitch Stream: Tim's Final Stream


The stream begins at 2PM CST (-6GMT)

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Moderator: Gawki

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After 6 years working at CG Cookie and 5 years doing livestreams, today will be the last one! I have loved these streams and they gave me a platform. I can't even pretend to be as thankful as possible for Cookie and for letting me build a community while I draw and talk. 

I never thought I would enjoy letting other people watch me work, let alone have to talk through it or even explain what I'm working on as a tutorial. 

So come today as any other stream would roll out with some traditional rendering for Drawtober and a good reflection on why streaming has helped me over the years!


AFTER STREAM UPDATE will be posted on MONDAY after the stream is over and up on youtube!