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Stream OVER! Traditional and Digital Demo

Twitch Stream: Traditional and Digital Demo 

Wednesday @ 2PM CST (-6GMT)


The stream begins at 2PM CST (-6GMT)

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Artist: Gawki

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Today we are going to be doing a digital and traditional demo of the same subject matter at the same time! Come join and watch as we give an example of each and talk about the differences and similarities between the two!

We are doing the DRAWTOBER logo today as we have both been excited planning and organizing this as well as showing that anyone can do this October challenge in whatever medium they would like!

And remember, CG Cookie has a Concept Art Livestream EVERY Wednesday at 2PM Central Time(-6GMT)! We do these each week to educate as well as have some fun with the community!


AFTER STREAM UPDATE will be posted on MONDAY after the stream is over and up on youtube!