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Stream OVER: 6 Artists talk about Success and Failure

Twitch Stream: 6 Artists talk Success and Failure | 

Wednesday @ 2PM CST (-6GMT)


The stream begins at 2PM CST (-6GMT)

All of the vonnhaus roommates will be in attendance this week: 

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Artist: Gawki

Artist: Sketchgeek

Artist: Sean Price

Artist: Gabe Bautista

Artist: Ashley Erikson

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You guys broke the goal of 2500 followers on twitch so now we are having a special collaboration stream in which I'm bringing on all 6 roommates here at vonnhaus to talk about success and failure. So each roommate will be given a half hour to discuss what success and failures as an artist means to them so come join in the discussion as I believe this will showcase the lows of being an artist but more importantly, how to overcome them. 

And remember, CG Cookie has a Concept Art Livestream EVERY Wednesday at 2PM Central Time(-6GMT)! We do these each week to educate as well as have some fun with the community!


AFTER STREAM UPDATE will be posted on MONDAY after the stream is over and up on youtube!