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Cookie App Changelog

Hello everyone! I'm the fella behind building and maintaining CG Cookie. I'd like to keep everyone in the loop as far as what's changing on the site, so I'll do my best to update this topic with each new release, along with the notes. 

If you have any support questions feel free to click that little orange icon in the bottom right. I'm more than happy to help, but you may end up on a long 12 mile hiking trip through the Appalachian Mountains, so it's probably best you get help from the right channels. :)

  • crew

    0.1.9 - Dapper Dingleberry

    • added honeypot protection to site signup, project create, topic, and topic reply creation
    • paypal ipn listener fix (maybe)
    • fixed profile message confirmation from not showing
    • fixed links in comments not wrapping
    • fixed mentions picking up emails
    • fixed admins not able to edit projects
    • fixed admin edit link for exercise submissions
    • fixed error in topic link notifications
    • fixed sketchfab button styling
    • fixed display of events in reverse order
    • order comments oldest to newest
    • text adjustments for local time
    • allow topis to be reported
    • exercise submission comments now notify and mail if app setting is checked
    • added index on transaction id on subscription payments
    • added index on status on lessons
    • added rack timeout gem so that queries time out at 15s and secnd an exception to airbrake
    • added counter cache to users for projects count
    • exercise submission order fix
    • if course is started, show "continue course" and link to last tracked
    • topic css fixes for floated images
    • various progress tracking query optimizations
    • fixed modal not closing after answer added to question
    • fix "correct" checkbox not working sometimes for quiz answers
  • crew

    0.2.0 - Eclectic Eel

    • progress tracking completely refactored to be more efficient, calculated totals now being stored into a summaries table for faster retrieval
    • progress bars added to course blocks
    • progress indicators added to content list
    • progress indicators added to tutorial, exercise, and resource blocks
    • cache keys and content blocks rebuilt to accommodate for dynamic data caching
    • user activities collection is now cached for performance
    • hours watched has been refactored to calculate using async jobs then recording totals to user table for easier retrieval
    • added index to status on lessons
    • fixed odd issues with category nav cause its cached
    • mark as watched added to tutorials
    • mark as watched added to exercises, and the "download file causes exercise to be watched" was removed
    • fix live stream mailer sending all the emails to one person
    • fix zero dollar invoices not updating subscriptions when user has stripe credit.
    • fixed username validation
    • routes not being used have been cleansed
    • the odd GET request wp-json/cgc-api/v1/process-live-notify) that's pinging us every 1 second is now redirected to root
    • fixed hardcoded redis url which caused the site to go down (sry ya'll)
  • crew

    0.2.1 - Irresistible Icicle

    • added user activity call to action
    • removed "exercise #" on exercise titles
    • CDN now serving app js and css file
    • tracking summaries refactor to fix multiple bugs and issues
    • quiz submission fixes
    • fix author not being saved on all content
    • fixed broken admin search for all areas
    • admin content improvements (expose chapters for editing, sorting, link chapters and courses in lessons listing, allow lessons to be detached from chapters = see admin/lessons)
    • prevent "you need to signup or signin" to continue
    • new! fleek SPAM AI bot to help mitigate community spam topics
    • new! admin area for managing spam topics
    • add topics_count counter cache to users
    • fixed topics pagination and sorting
    • allow authors to modify created at dates on all content
    • multiple airbrake error fixes
    • school modal copy fixes
    • copy edits to learn-concept
    • fixed love counts not showing heart
    • new! "reply" links added to comments which mentions the user
    • new! promotions
    • fixed free exercise button logic