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Twitch Stream: Gaining a Following | Now on Youtube!


The stream begins at 2PM CST (-6GMT)

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)
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Continuing on our recent lecture streams (5 Artist Mistakes, Fear and Laziness) where there is a lot of discussion and sharing of personal experience and observations, this stream will be focusing on "Gaining on Following". There are some consistencies that I and my friends have noticed with our own gains on social media but with our art friends, and artists we admire. 

So let's have a full stream on what has seemed to work, has failed, and what will always be helpful to gain that following. 

And remember, CG Cookie has a Concept Art Livestream EVERY Wednesday at 2PM Central Time(-6GMT)! We do these each week to educate as well as have some fun with the community!


AFTER STREAM UPDATE will be posted on MONDAY after the stream is over and up on youtube!

***You can now watch the stream here*** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maANtAhWMjQ