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Polybook - silentheart00

Starting this so I can keep myself accountable.  I want to get better at 3D modeling and I need an external force to keep me going.

Nothing spectacular, but it's something.  The first modeling exercise:

2019 Goals

  • Huh, did they swap the forum around again?

    Finished with the sculpt, beginning the retopo process as well as adding in the last hardsurface elements.

    • Yeah they must have. I was just getting used to it showing my newest content first too!

      Very cool look silentheart00. Interesting how the pauldrons cover the cape. Is this going to be animated? If so I wonder how that interaction is going to be?

    • Awesome! That is one good looking tentacle thingy :)

      glad they did change it, prefer things starting on one and ending where they end. :)

    • Nice character, would want to meet him in the dark.

    • blanchsb I was not intending for this to be animated, but I could look into it.  And that's what the concept had for the pauldron/cape interaction, so I didn't think too much of it.  But, I should think about it and at least make it look believable.  I will give it some thought.

      louhikarme & aarev Thanks!

    • I didn't mean it was inaccurate. I just would think it would probably be harder to animate. Now that I am looking at it more though I think it is hugging the body a little closely on the back (can be seen from the side view). I think the draping cloth look is spot on though.

    • Oh, I think I understand what you mean about animating the cloth and pauldrons.  I think I would paint 100% of the pauldrons' weight to the shoulder bone and then have a partial weighting on the cape for the areas affected and then maybe some bones down the cape unless I can find a better way of animating it (since this is a real-time character and I'm still learning lots).

  • Hello, been a while.  Noodling with another character as an excuse to check out 2.9's new stuff.  I'm pretty impressed so far, but haven't dived very deep yet.

  • Okay, got the horns fleshed out more.  I would say this is about 80% there.

  • I'm experimenting with Blender's spline tools.  Better than before, but still a bit limited.  What I do like though is the Curve modifier.  Don't remember if it's always been there, but it's cool to experiment with now.

  • Well,  jewelry is a bit more complicated than I thought.  That seems to be the usual when trying something new, heh.  Getting there, though.

  • So.... many..... details....

    Getting there.  Wanted to add the armor to help it feel a bit fleshed out.  There are a few more jewelry pieces to add and then the hair.

  • Alrighty, some more work done here.  The repetitive elements were a lot, but using a combo of the Curve modifier and Mirroring for the symmetric parts saved time and looked nicer than if I were to place them all by hand.

  • Okay, good chunk of experimentation in this iteration, figuring out how best to incorporate embroidery-like elements.  Pretty okay attempt.   I'm sure there's a better method out there, but I'm experimenting pretty hard with splines right now.

    Goal is to wrap up the rest of the jewelry and figure out how to form the hair.

    It's fun testing the limits of the Curve modifier.  Kind of bummed that you can't just stack those modifiers, or maybe you can and I just haven't found the right combo yet.  If one were to see how my circlet is made, it's probably not the best way to do it lol.  But that's what experimentation is all about.

  • Okay!  Here's what I've been working on while being radio silent: an armor set for my DND 5e character, Bene!  You can read more about it here:

    This was optimized for games and the renders are directly from Unreal Engine 4.  A fun project to bring something I had in my mind for a long time and to actually see it fully realized is such a great feeling.

    On to the next project!

  • Hi everyone, I know I've been quiet because man, I've been busy.  But I (finally!) made a completed full body character, my DND character Bene when she attended a funeral.  Around 75k triangles, not rigged, but that's the eventual goal.  Can't wait to stick her in her armor!

    I learned so much going through this process, but there's definitely room for refining and improvement.

  • Hey everyone, been a while.  Lots happening, so trying to do something small before going back to big projects.

    Making a Korean jewelry box for my new DND character.  I'm pulling a lot of inspiration from Korean culture, doing my best to research and respect such a new thing for me.  Hoping to have everything done by the end of this month.