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Polybook - silentheart00

Starting this so I can keep myself accountable.  I want to get better at 3D modeling and I need an external force to keep me going.

Nothing spectacular, but it's something.  The first modeling exercise:

2019 Goals

  • Almost there........

  • Getting there, just one last push!  Then the jewelry and that's all I'm doing with this lol.  A nice resin shader and some renders to top it off.

  • DONE!  She's having really shaved sides.  I'm not messing with hair anymore.

    Time for the small details!

    • silentheart00 Looking good.  I think I'd be tired of doing hair too :)  Not sure if there is a better way to create the hair though.  I watched Yansculpts (youtube) create the hair for a Naruto sculpture.  His process for making Naruto's spiky hair seemed pretty close to your workflow.

    • clintjohnson Thanks!  For something stylized, this might be the workflow.  I just watched a video in the Piero course over using a hair system and textures to make feathers, so I wonder if something like that could work in the future.

  • Let's do some retopology!  Because it would look so much better when smoothed!

  • Am I doing this right?  I feel like I missed something...

  • Is the neck okay?  Doesn't look horrible.

  • Ehhhh, figuring this out.  Not bad.

  • Phew!  One semester down, more to go!  This was our final in my hardsurface class, a Vespa!  The budget was originally 18k-20k triangles, but the professor increased it to 35k.  However, I had already moved on to the UV unwrapping stage, sooo...  This is it lol.  I love that prof, but he's definitely one of those profs that doesn't explain why certain things should be this way very well.  It's like he's  so used to working with people that knew what to do that he's forgotten how to be beginner-friendly.  He's one hell of an artist, though, so it's good to try to listen to what he says and decipher it.

    Things I would like to have done differently:

    • Used some more of the new budget towards the bolt geometry and not have those items baked.
    • A better understanding of what maps to bake out to get a closer result from materials
    • More guidance on what details are best for a normal map and what is best for actual geometry.

    Well, next semester is suppose to be even more intense with a different prof who explains the why of everything, so let's see how that works.  Forward!

  • Oh yeah, forgot about my Character class where we made Mr. Freeze!

  • New semester, new assignments.  For this assignment, we're suppose to retopologize this mouth and the head of our Mr. Freeze sculpts.  The more I dug into the mouth retopo, the more I realized there was no way I could get both done in a week with my other classes demanding my attention.  The professor didn't talk much about retopoing for game-ready assets in class, so I'm wondering if I'm headed in the right direction or not, added too much detail already, or just some general guidelines on where to head next.  My gut is telling me I can have less detail in the teeth, but I still want to get a round enough shape for bakes and stuff.  Any advice is welcome.  Thanks! 

  • Phew, things have certainly taken my time.  I am unfortunately really struggling mentally in conjunction with the coursework, and especially after today.  I didn't get the position I wanted, which really hurt, but I guess I'll just be the best damn artist anyway.

    One of my classes, we made guitars, one black and white and one variant.  Due to my struggles, I couldn't get everything I wanted, but it's a good effort nonetheless.  This semester feels like a repeat of the last in terms of difficulty, different professor feeling things out, I guess?  It's different.  Regardless, I used 3Ds Max to learn its strengths and weaknesses as a software.

    Black and white


    I would've loved to have carbon fiber as the black material on my variant, but due to time, my own issues, and the nature of the course thus far (hand painting maps), I decided to just have the black painted and the metal look more like a matte metal.

  • Phew!  Got some time to work on personal projects now.  Been trying to understand anatomy more, but it doesn't come up a lot in my studies (just a lot of hardsurface), so there are things I know I forgot.  Here's a rough proxy of my current DND character, Kaeria.

    I'm pushing towards realism, so let me know where I can improve!

  • Here's a concept for a mask.  There are a lot of details I'm thinking of putting in the model, but this is the general idea.  This is a texture heavy assignment, so some minimal modeling and lots of texture work.

  • Here's the final mask.  I did not get to the fun baubles, like the beads in the veil, because the point of this was to focus heavy on the texture work, which was all done from the ground up in Photoshop, a process I'm not very comfortable with, so I focused hard on it.  I think I did a pretty damn good job despite variables.  Could this be better?  Yes, but it's pretty damn good for where I am now.

  • looking really great :) i love it :D

  • Hey there!  Long time no talk!  School is keeping me busy, as well as new developments in the world.  Stay safe, everyone!

    For one of my classes, I'm creating a mindflayer based on the DND 5th edition image.  I'm excited to create something like this and to push my skills even further than before!

  • looks like improved on sculpting skills...

  • I am pretty happy with this, maybe could possibly push it a little more (like adding a different texture to the smooth sections so it's not as smooth) but I can live with this.  On to the next part!

  • Ooo, this new reply format is weird lol.  But that's cool.  Don't have to dredge to the last page anymore.

    More work on the mind flayer.  Getting closer.  Figuring out how to model the armor has been interesting, trying to figure out how to mesh the hardsurface techniques with the organic sculpting.  I think I have an idea, just hope it doesn't take me much longer.

  • Oh, goodness, it's been a while.  More progress on the mind flayer, so close to being done with the sculpt.  Debating how to add the cape and the sculpt will be done.