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Polybook - silentheart00

Starting this so I can keep myself accountable.  I want to get better at 3D modeling and I need an external force to keep me going.

Nothing spectacular, but it's something.  The first modeling exercise:

2019 Goals

  • Well switching gears a little bit for the current Sketchfab challenge.  I'm thinking a valkyrie.  This is also a good excuse to jumpstart learning some anatomy.


    Sculpt WIP 01

  • nekronavt Hey, could you give me some direction on anatomy for a fit female?  It's pretty rough right now, but I'd like to know if I'm going in the right direction.

    • silentheart00 hello silent if i may give u feedback , as u say it is roughfor now , bt if u r going for femal body u may widen the pelvis a little ,push the knees toward the midlle line ,and maybe narrow the shoulders , the neck feels too massive , and i think that u r going for 8 to 9 heads body mesure , u may go for 7 to 7.5 . it will be more obvious one u put some breasts 

      good work ! 

    • silentheart00 sure

      For the first one, do you planning a stylized character? For me, it looks like she is a bit stretched in z-axis.

      Rib cage space is the same as space from waist to groin, while the last one should be lesser. There is nearly one head length from belly button to both groin and nipple lines. 

      Arms are connected a bit wide, I think. Maybe this picture will make it clear about what I mean:

      I can't tell much more besides that (and what mmalhomsi said) at this stage.

      What sources are you using to supply your anatomy and proportions knowledge?

    • mmalhomsi Thanks!  Any help is certainly appreciated.  I'll keep those things in mind.

    • nekronavt Maybe slightly stylized, but still need to ground things in reality.  I'm okay with the valkyrie being a little more heroic in proportions, but I would still like to know where to improve.

      I have books about anatomy and online references I've compiled.  Still helps to have fresh eyes, though.  I'll keep those things in mind when I sculpt again.

  • Thanks for the feedback.  I think it's better proportioned now.  Still a little hangup on the chest/ribcage area.  Defining muscle groups a little more (even though they will be covered by the outfit.  But hey, practice.)

  • Getting there.  Need to finish the hands and the ear and the base will be done.  Let's see how much I can get done before the deadline, heh.  I'm not too worried about the feet since they'll be in shoes.

  • Sculpting the hand.  So many details.

  • silentheart00   You going great! Every post it's getting better. I really like the face. Very well defined. And those hands are hard, aren't they? Good luck with the feet :)

    I do think the pelvis should be rotated backwards a bit. The abdomen seam a bit to flat now

  • I took a few days to work on myself, confront some issues that have been eating away at me for a while.  Now I'm back with a sculpted hand!

  • I have no idea what I'm doing.  Here are some legs.

  • Some better legs thanks to critiques on the discord channel.

    Yeah, a bit strong on definition, but I can always tone that down.

    Back muscles, anyone?

  • Got a slightly better back.  I'm going to call this good and move on to the next bit.  Who needs defined feet?

    I do think I'm starting to see the muscle groups a little better now.  Small steps.

  • Well, ignoring the feet, this is probably the best I got.  Any critiques are welcome.

    • silentheart00  good work , if i may give u some feedback : 

      1 - u have to give the trunc the natural curves of the back bone !

      2 - pay attention the back muscles insertion and volume , the V shape for mor muscular body

      3- the arm volume came frome the triceps , give it more volume ( a litlle to the biceps !) the arm feels too tiny

    • mmalhomsi Thanks.  I'll keep that in mind in the future.

  • Hair!

  • Well, I started adding some clothes, but then thought there was a better way to create clothes, so I'm gunna let that noodle around in the background for a while and retopo instead.  Maybe fix the feet, too, to make that feel complete.

  • Ehhh, trying to figure out this retopo biz.  Might have to look at some refresher courses.

  • Oh, yeesh, what happened the last few weeks?

    I got caught up in other things, mainly a small health concern while pulling some extreme travelling.  I chalked that up to being dehydrated and not eating much during all of that. I'm much better now, just shouldn't pull something that extreme in the future.

    Now, to refocus on what I'm modeling.

  • Well, there go my monthly goals out the window 😅 Sometimes life happens, so you gotta do your best when things arise.

    Anywho, I decided to revisit Kilyn's bust by sculpting it again, and I have to say, there is certainly progress since my first sculpt.  It also felt like this took way less time, as well.

    Old sculpt

    New sculpt

    I really need to focus more on completing projects and not just cycle through them.  It's a really bad habit I have and I'm going to spend the time I have left wrapping up any open projects I have.  I say that now, but I have to execute.  Now to tally up the open projects...

    • silentheart00 

      Wrapping up projects can be tricky, in part because there's always stuff that can be improved upon. If you have multiple open projects I'd really suggest to write down a concrete goal for each one of them in order to avoid endless tweaking. I haven't checked every page in your polybook but I'm impressed by your anatomy sculpts / retopos! Keep going every day and don't forget to have fun doing it!

    • numbernine Hey, thanks!  I will definitely take a tally on what's open and gauge what I can get done in the time I have left before grad school.

  • The past week, I went through part of ShaderForge, translating it from 2.7 to 2.8.  It seems most things are pretty 1:1, but smaller details aren't quite as translatable.  For example, changing the roughness value for a glossy shader node in 2.8 yields a different visual result than in 2.7.  Something behind the scenes changed.  I noticed it with other lessons, as well.  Not a huge thing, just interesting to see.  I also discovered that I have to toggle a setting for Bump/Displacement/Both in 2.8 while it did whatever in 2.7.  But hey, that's the learning process, eh?

    Now I'm figuring out how to add hair to Kilyn.  I'll run with this style for a while, see what happens.

  • Looks good at this angle lol

  • Anybody got some Rogaine?

    Slowly getting the hair pieces together, trying to not make it look too repetitive.  Hopefully I can get some clumps forming and just duplicate clumps around.  Good thing I decided to give this character semi-shaggy hair (mildly sarcastic).  But hey, what's life without some challenge?

  • Sorry for not being active the past couple of weeks.  I was moving!  And what a tiring time that was.  But, I'm back at it.

    Not as bald anymore!  Still a ways to go, though.