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Live Streams - Community Idea Center


Hey everyone!

Every Wednesday at 2PM CST CGCookie has a Twitch stream organized by our very own timvonrueden.
This is a Concept art - based stream where we can learn anything from shading to color-theories and plenty more.
The streams are both digital and traditional and talk about a very wide variety of topics. 

Now, they have a different topic every single week. And they do a  great job of coming up with creative new things to learn us. But let's  give them a hand, shall we ?

Suggest down below what topics you like to see in  the future. This can vary from subject matters that you would love to  see Tim draw/paint, to techniques you would like him to explain because  you haven't quit grasped them yet.
You can even suggest funny ideas for the stream, its up to you.

Just keep it PG, Tim will not likely be stripping.
If you want you can even suggest guests you would like Tim to interview/invite for a drawing session.
Make sure to like other people's ideas that you like, so we can see the most wanted ones.

To keep this thread a bit organized, lets set guidelines:

  1. Start your reply with naming your idea in a few words. And then  go into a bit of an explanation of what you mean exactly, so we don't  misinterpret what your original idea was.
  2. Like other idea's so we can choose the most voted up ones.
  3. Read through all the previous ideas to make sure you're not suggesting something twice. (Also check the youtube channel for all the topic that where already addressed) 
  4. Keep it realistic, as much a we would love to have Angelina Jolie as a guest, I'm afraid thats not quit do-able.
  5. Don't start huge conversations in the thread, only post idea's.  Just so we can keep a nice and clean list of ideas, we don't want any  diamonds getting lost in a sea of blabber.
  6. Make sure your idea is SFW.

I think that's about it. If you want to see previous streams, you can check those out on the CGCookie Youtube channel:

Concept Cookie's mission is to provide concept artists with  tutorials, resources, references, feedback, and insight to help them  grow as an artist. Each week...


Have fun, I can't w8 to see the idea's you guys come up with!