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Sketchbook: Djwaglmuffin

Hey, ya'll! Djwaglmuffin here.

I'm trying to pull my artistic skills up so I can finally bring my stories to life. Comics and video games are the way I'm probably going to express these stories as I can do them by myself so I really need to round myself out as an "every sort of artist". Any ideas are appreciated and critiques are welcome. 

  • Things I am working on: 
  • Creating more dynamic poses/overall illustrations
  • Colors and better values
  • Backgrounds (somewhat...my computer limits me on what i can do with larger images)
  • Composition
  • Creature design

Job goals:

If you're looking at this and see potential in my work for employment, please know I belong in any job function that requires ideas or creative solutions to a story or character. Having the ability to draw only reinforces that as I can sit there and sketch what I might be thinking to SHOW instead of tell and hope someone is able to figure out what I'm thinking. Video games is a perfect fit for me and I hope I can do that someday as well as produce my own original content.