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Welcome to CG Cookie SIX Community

Community - a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. 

As a member of CG Cookie, you are part of this fellowship of artists working towards shared goals: learning, networking and achieving success in what you do. 

I am pleased to welcome you to the brand new integrated CG Cookie community forum!

The CG Cookie community was originally made possibly by adopting Discourse as the forum software. Discourse enabled us to offer a great community experience out of the gate, with little development time.  It just worked.  The downside, CGC’s community technically resided on a separate server, domain and even required some login bridges.  This created challenges while striving to create an unified UX between CGC EDU and the Community. 

While we are bummed to leave discourse, the entire CGC crew is pumped for the future of the community here. While only version 1.0 of many exciting versions to come, I am excited about where we can grow, and where we as a community can push it. 

A few gained benefits from being fully home grown and integrated

  • Clicking on a members avatar or username will take you to the profile page. Improving the chances of gaining more eyes on your work. 
  • Ability to tag CGC members and get notified on-site. 
  • Bookmarking Community Topics which are accessible via your CGC site-wide bookmarks. 
  • All Exercise submissions have been given the status of archived. Though they can still be accessed via your profile, but are not visible on the original lesson. If your exercise was not fully graded, it is recommended you re-upload it to the new system to get some fresh feedback benefiting from the new site. :) 

⭐️ Known Issues we are tackling in the coming days

  • There are a few users which may not be able to login due to username changes in the past. If you're not able to login, ping support in the lower right corner and we will get you squared away!
  • Custom Avatars are currently not working, we are updating our Cookie ID to accommodate for this in the coming days.
  • Shop orders are currently not brought over. 
  • Some courses don't have download files as of yet, these should be added before the weekend hits!


Where are all of the previous community topics? 

For the foreseeable future we’ve frozen the previous iteration of the community. Meaning all the content and topics on the will remain as read-only. The CGC crew is looking into processes to migrate topics and replies over, though may not be available for some time. It is also a bit exciting to start fresh, with a new platform. :) 

Should I recreate my sketch or poly books? 

It is not definite CGC will be successful at resurrecting previous Poly or Sketch books from the previous community forum. If you’re anxious to get the work there, go ahead and create a new book, or create a project using the newly improved gallery system here on CGC. 

Welcome New Members

Every couple weeks I will be holding a welcome new members Live Event. Here is the recording of the last one I did.

  • Looks good... but the links for youtube / instagram are swapped...

    Oh and it would be good to know what timezone the live streams start...

    • crew

      Thanks for the heads up! I've just logged an issue for the footer links, and the Live Streams should display your local timezone time. For example the first "Welcome to CG Cookie" is scheduled for 2pm  Chicago GMT-0500 (CDT)

  • Website is looking great, it seemed like a very smooth roll-out.

    This might already be part of the known issues, but when I clicked on the link to 'create a project' in your above post, I seem to have constructed a separate acct., maybe (?), or at least I changed my avatar there and have no XP but if I come back to the CG home page things are normal again. IDK, It doesn't matter much because I saw you ported over my old work anyway now, but if you are trouble shooting things I thought you might want to know.

    • crew

      Thanks so much! We've got some work to do, but overall the engine is purring along. :) 

      I wasn't able to reproduce the account swap behavior, though if you hit it again please if you could screencast it, or email steps to reproduce it to support [at] so we can get it shored up! 

  • So first, good job on the website. I love the design!! And I'm very excited about the livestreams!

    But there are a few things that I'm missing or can't seem to find

    1. I can't find any exercise submissions (from others)

    2. I really miss the "Good morning, have a wonderful Thursday!" ect

    3. When I press "Home" then the "Where you left off" doesn't show me where I really left off. And so it's quite difficult to find and get back to the Video where I stopped

    4. I think in version FIVE the focus was more on XPs so I constantly had the feeling of playing a game. And I loved checking my progress.Now It's more difficult to look at your own XPs, or at least I have the feeling they're less prominent than before.

    5. I couldn't find the stop button for the auto- play

    • crew

      Thanks so much rostzwiebel Glad to have yah!

      1. Exercises submitted on FIVE were given the status of archived and currently removed from display. Though they can still be found by the submitting artist. Meaning if you go to your profile and view exercises submitted. Apologies, we ran into a migration challenge. If an exercise was mid-review, I'd recommend re-uploading it, get some fresh eyes and exposure! :)

      2. Good morning! Originally this was in there, heh though thought it was getting a bit "novelty".  One idea was to make it smarter with custom greetings, "Good morning <name>, reminder you have a Live Event you've RSVP'd for starting today". :)

      3. Where you left of: 🤔 It should show where you left off, though if it continually does not, drop us an email at support [at] so we can take a harder look. I also took a note to keep an eye on it over the next few days. 

      4. Herm.. I feel we put more emphasis on XP within SIX, but when you stare at something so long, sometimes it is nice to get an outside look. In the upper left corner you should see your level and XP on every page. Any ideas on how to better improve this?

      5. Stop button for auto-play can be found in your App settings:

      Hope that helps! 

  • The "create project" link direct to which I think it's an another version of the site?

    Also, my "where you left off" have the same problem as rostzwiebel 

  • I sent other(include this current one) problems I've found during the new site via the support. Hope this helps you easily find the problem source!
  • Felicitaties at the cookie crew for version 6.0, looks good.

    Had some login problemos but the help desk has fixed it :-)

  • Hello,

    There used to be a green check mark for the lessons I had already watched, but now they're gone. Glitch in the matrix?

  • crew

    Hey there - think of it as a temporary unplugging of a portion of the Matrix. ;) The green check-boxes there were causing a long database query that was burning out the server. We've removed the progress marks for the time being until we can re-group, and find an elegant programmatic way to re-introduce a form of progress tracking. Apologies for the troubles, and we're working on the 🍪

    • I can easily see an Eye of the Tiger montage as the whole team is getting ready to hunt and fix issues at The Cookie... the pouring cups of coffee scenes, sliding on special gloves for faster keyboard typing, putting on ear pieces for communications and the cool code names references "The cookie is in the jar" "The crumbs are on the floor" "The server is in the oven" ;)

  • Waiting for that one, without the green check mark, I have very hard time to find which lectures I haven't watched.

  • wesburke Just wanted to let you know that the 'where you left off' also isn't working properly for me.

  • I don't know if someone else feels the same, it may not be a glitch, more an annoyance, but the menu at the right side where all the lessons of a course live, it doesn't move independently of the whole global website.

    So when you're scrolling down the lessons, only the right side menu is scrolling down, the whole site where the video is isn't moving, but then the lessons suddenly stop, and you're left to think there are no more lessons because no matter how much you scroll, it wont go down any further... but in reality there are more lessons, it's just that you now have to scroll down in the website to see there are other lessons, you have to reach the bottom of the website to see the end of the right menu where the lessons live. 

    Was that clear? Am I being too first world problems meme?

    • crew

      Hey there! It sounds like it may be a glitch. The lesson menu should move independently to the body of the site:

      If this isn't the behavior your seeing, could you please fire up a conversation with support on the bottom right? Tracking the reports here in the thread is harder to keep tabs on.

      Thanks Omar!

  • Hi Wes, thanks for the hard work on getting the new site up.

    I have a problem with subscribing the Citizen Pro after submitting my information.

  • Just wanted to give some feedback on navigation.

    When watching a video, you get an excersice or maybe before doing it you want to check others submission. But after going into "submissions" there is no direct way of going back to the course and its videos. So you have to search all again through the courses tab to get into it as if you are in the startup page.

    This is where you get through the course>submissions

    • crew

      Navigation is something that will be polished a bit more in the future, but in the meantime you can click on "This is a submission on the exercise Lighting a Simple Bedroom" underneath the title to get back to the exercise and the course. 

  • Hey. I've just logged in after some months and I see that the learning flow that I was doing dissappeared from my profile. I found it via the left menu but I need to join in again.

  • wordwrap in replies needs fixing, now there isn't none, meaning the word just gets cut in the middle in the side and continues on next line. this makes reading tad cumbersome.

  • Hi Jonathan, its happening in my work computer, that has older firefox 47 installed. I'll get that updated to the latest and see if its still happening. worked at home with chrome though. so this might be just be outdated firefox issue.