Kenny Chan (kennyc222)

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are those Vonnbots usable in maya 2019?

Hi Wayne, are those Vonnbots rigs are also usable in maya 2019? or just in Blender? Since I have been using Maya for over 3 months, Is Maya also my personal choice for your course? 



  • crew

    Hey Kenny,

    Sadly no.  The Vonnbots are Blender only.

    Feel free to use Maya for all the animation courses.  The principals are the same in any software, but the buttons and process is different.

    Make sure you post your work though and I'll give it a look.

  • Thanks Wayne, then I will use Pendulum from Ultimate rig for Maya since Vombots don't work well in Maya. However, The concept is exactly the same which regards Overlapping, break-down and in-between. I am going to upload it for the clip involving a rope and a pendulum for Maya.