Moving vertexes along curved plank axis?

Is there a way to move vertexes along the axis of the curved plank, instead of the world/global axis? I thought this would work using the local axis option but it doesn't work that way.



  • I was having the same problem. You can move vertices along edges by selecting the vertices and pressing SHIFT+V or press G twice and move it along the edge. I hope this helped.

  • Let's say you want to edge slide top left vertex along the top edge.

    Double Tap G for edge slide of a vertex along it's edge. 

    Double Tap 'G': Edge Slide along top edge

    Once you begin sliding in the direction you want you can turn clamping on: let's you slide beyond the outer edge if you are looking to extend the vertex out in the same direction. Or you can turn on clamp by tapping 'C' to make the edge slide focus only in the direction you are sliding in (works well when many vertices are close by and directions of edge slide are constantly changing).

    Tap 'C' for Clamp ON: lets you slide further beyond edge and/or stick to only 1 edge option

    You can also turn on Even when edge sliding more than one vertex by tapping 'E'. It biases the slide towards one end evenly. If you 

    Tap 'E' for Even Edge Biasing Towards One Side.

    With Even ON: Tap 'F' to Flip the Bias to the other side.