Hantian Xiao (yakoto)

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Need some help on importing rigged models into blender>.

I got this female 3d model from Daz studio and exported it as fbx. But some how when I imported it into blender it behaves super wired with bones...

And also I found that it is backing to normal when I'm in edit mode.

Helps appreciated >.<

So picture no.1 is the object mode in blender no.2 is in edit mode no.3 is in Dazstudio

  • Somehow the orientation of your animation-bones gets broken when exporting it from DAZ -> via fbx -> Blender.

    QUESTION: what is the (export/import) result when you export you model into a different file-format?

    DAZ manual, Chapter 6 , exporting 3D models:
    - http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/artzone/pub/software/carrara/06_six/06_import_export

    • I tried to import using obj as well and it worked just fine but I need armature data from fbx >.<

      And later yesterday I found that if I uncheck the "use pre/post rotations" setting in blender import settings resulting a better result. However still a few bones have broken rotation.

  • However still a few bones have broken rotation.

    May I suggest that - If it is just a few bones - to manually repair them (inside blender)
    and move on with your project?