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Time for completion

Just out of curiosity. How long would this take you do normally (the whole model)? I know I am still learning, but this seems to a long process. I am enjoying it, but just wondering in real-world application how long I 'should' be spending on something like this. This has been one of the best tuts I have done for blender so far btw.

  • crew

    Projects in courses are commonly misleading in this way, usually taking way longer to teach how to create than only creation. I'll give you 3 separate answers with 3 different contexts 😅

    A) Me right now: Since I've made this chest a few times, I could probably create this from scratch in a couple hours. But that's because my familiarity with it eliminates research, conceptualization, and much of the problem solving aspect that's so common with 3D creation of any kind.

    B) Me before recording the course: When I was R&D'ing the model it took me 2 days to research, conceptualize, and create.

    C) Me at a studio: In a professional studio scenario, I would expect to be provided art from the concept art department (which removes that step of the process) and I'd expect it to take about a day to create in such an environment.

    This has been one of the best tuts I have done for blender so far btw.

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate that feedback 😊