Methods and properties - Blender scripting


Can you give us some reference links about how to do scripting and building add-ons like that?

Like, the methods and properties we can use and exists... example:


import bpy

First, the idea is to understand very well what you have done here then ...  make new similar scripts for other situations.


  • crew

    Hi Ricardo,

    I'm glad that I have sparked some python curiosity in you.

    The way I started learning was by looking at other people's code and breaking it to figure out how it worked.
    There are heaps of code snippets in the text editor. Have a look under "Templates>Python"

    Sadly there isn't many 2.8 specific python tutorials but this CGC should explain everything you need to know for creating this type of code.

    It was recorded with an older version of Blender and Python but any differences in the Python language are minor and really easy to adjust.  If you get stuck just post your question in the forum and @mention me if you like and I'll see if I can get you unstuck.

    Python is fun, but it's a journey.  It's not like you figure it all of it out in a week.  You will understand more and more as you go and you will be able to do harder and cooler things.