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Tips on how to continue from here? :)

Hi Jonathan!

First of all, loving the course! Really interesting and helpful.

I wanted to try edge modeling a different head and ended up with going with this concept. It's a real challenge for me because the proportions are very different than the one from the course.

Here's my current progress. Any tips or advice on how to continue from here? Maybe something I missed or I should change. Looking forward to your take on this :) 

  • crew

    Hey, I love that you're taking the concepts and applying them to a different type of head! I think it'll help you learn a lot! So far it looks like you're on the right track. Continue outlining and connecting features (top of the head, back of the neck, front of the nose, or cheeks would be good next steps), and be sure to be looking at it in perspective mode often and from top view to not fall into the trap of making it too pointy. Good luck, you got this!