Thibault Caradec (otowa)

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Is this reliable with 2.8?

I'm trying to complete this one using 2.8, but there's a problem : as soon as I invert the subdivision and the cloth modifiers, this is what the geometry becomes at frame 60 : 

Compared to :

On the first one, you can see that the geometry is kinda messed up in the corners... Hmmm...

  • crew

    I cannot say if this workflow is consistent in 2.8. Generally I'd say 90% of non-2.8 videos are relevant to 2.8, maybe not in exact button presses and tool names, but in concept and workflow.

    However you will find that all Blender education on the web is in an awkward season of being out-of-date and likely inconsistent with 2.8. Slowly everyone will start creating new videos with 2.8 workflows, including CG Cookie, but for now it's awkward.