just a statement : For Mac ? A no go ?

is it still worth the effort to put time in a blender version when there 's no longer possibility to do hardware rendering ?  What 's next, totally abandoning the Mac OS  ?  And then rises the question, why should i keep paying for courses that lead to nothing ?

  • blender 2.8 is on Mac though?

  • I'm a Mac user here and it works pretty well even still. Yes, if you really need to render something complex you will probably need to move to a PC or use a tool like sheepit to do the rendering on another computer. Everything else works just fine though. You can also get the Radeon drivers for free online which supports the Mac GPU. It doesn't have all the features as Cycles, but it's pretty good. Finally, at some point blender should be supporting the metal API on the Mac which will bring GPU support back