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Blender Master_View?

Does Blender have a Master_View like Maya? 

  • Welcome to Blender Charles. All views can be accessed with the numpad.

    You can toggle between ‘Perspective’ and ‘Orthographic’ view with ‘5’ on the numpad. (Maya does not have this.)

    1, 3, 7, Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 3, Ctrl + 7 Front, Right, Top, Back, Left, Bottom

    Camera View – Numpad ‘0’

    All the views are listed in the top left corner of the viewport.

    Isolate and frame selected ‘/’

    Zoom ‘-‘ ‘+’

    Rotate view by increments of 15 ° around worlds' z-axis, CCW ‘4’ CW ‘6’

    Rotate view by increments of 15 ° around worlds' x-axis, ‘2’ and ‘8’

    Rotate view by 180° ‘9’

    Frame all, comma '.' on the numpad ('F' key in Maya)

    Quad view  Ctrl + Alt + Q (Also found in the ‘N’ panel.)

    And all the views in real time rendering if you want when setting the viewport shading mode to 'Render'. (Haven’t discovered that in Maya either, yet.)

    More options can be found in the 'View' menu of every 3D window.

    Changing views in Maya takes a min. of three actions. (Spacebar, move mouse, spacebar,  or spacebar down, right click, move mouse,  spacebar up) In Blender only 1.  To navigate in Blender, all you need is the MMB + the Shift Key. In Maya you need all the 3 mouse buttons + the Alt key. Ones you are spoiled by Bender, modeling in Maya is a modelers nightmare. (Sorry for this negative note, I'll get used to it :-( )

    What do you mean by  ‘master view’ in Maya btw ? I'm not aware of any other view in Maya than those listed above in Blender. If I'm wrong, I like to know.

  • While in ‘Perspective’ and ‘Orthographic’  not having any menus, headers, tabs, windows open, so you can have a pure open space to model in, only using keyboard shortcuts.

    • Ok, I see, that will be ‘Full Screen’ Toggle Alt + F10 also found in the 'view' menu.

      Or also to get out of it, move your mouse to the top right corner, a double arrow will appear you can click on.

      How is this done in Maya Charles ?