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Ex-Military Wes?

I see you are ex-military Wes.  Might I ask what Branch, where/when you served?  Served in the Army myself.  Always interested to talk to former military, about why they chose this career path.

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    Hey there, 

    Yes, served four years in the Coast guard from 96-00. Back then I originally wanted to get involved in film VFX, though started to steer towards computers with 3DS Max 2.5 came out. The military helped me put myself through college, though still paying the debt. :(

    Out of college I got lucky to land an internship at a local game company to start me down that career path. 

  • Nice!  I remember almost applying to Savannah Art College, after high school.  Never panned out.  I've always had an interest in art, but never really focused on anything in particular (drew a LOT of dragons, back in the day).  I remember doing some bare-bones animations back in the 486DX days of computing; but never followed through with that either.  Went in the Army in '95; got out of Active Duty in 2002, joined the Guard straight out after that and ended up doing 1 tour in Iraq in '03.  Got out after that for a few years, then went back in for 3 more.  Left military service totally in '10.  Lots of fond memories (even the frustrating moments) from my time in.  It really helped shape me into my adult life.

    I currently work as a Corrections Officer at a State Prison (going on 12 years now); but the result of working there for so long, has spurned me into getting very serious about making a last effort to become an Indie Game Dev/Game Artist.  Both creating an asset library to sell my wares, and possibly freelancing in the future.  So any "shortcuts" I can take, such as learning here...rather than scouring YouTube, is what I'm after.  I'm giving myself the next 2 years to pay off debt, and to see if I can make a viable home-based business.  After 24 years of government service in hostile and soul-sucking environments, I've had enough.  Time to return to a more quiet and enjoyable existence.

    I get off of work around 2PM; but I'll try to make it to the talk by 2:45, if it's still on.  Good talking!


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    Lots of fond memories (even the frustrating moments) from my time in.  It really helped shape me into my adult life.

    ^ this so much from my experience with the military. 

    Sounds like you've got the right mindset to make it happen. The opportunities to launch a digital business, or product for a side hustle is very real and obtainable. All good if you cannot make it, I will record and have the full stream up about 24-48hrs later on the stream archive page.

  • Sounds good then.  The biggest hurdle (other than finding time with work/family life), is getting focused on what I need to be productive in the short term (to start making for-sale assets).  I have to stop drifting off on things; whether it's Unity's Terrain, or Blender's non-game tool-sets.  I don't need to learn everything; before becoming productive.  I'm constantly checking myself on that.