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the background images not showing up?

I attempted to open the project file and put the background image in but it's not showing up no matter which angle i put the image in what do i do ?

  • crew

    Hey there, I can't think of why that would be. Could you please share a screenshot? 

  • Same issue here. I opened revolver_01.blend in Blender 2.82.7 and can't see the reference images under any angle. Also tried 2.79 with the same result. The reference image files are in the same folder.

    • bblenderggg221 in 2.8+ Background Images are handled differently by Blender; they are  separate objects, you need to add them 'by hand': in Front Orthographic (for instance) SHIFT+A > Add > Image > Background. 

      Scale it to the correct size and adjust the settings to your liking here:

      Copy the Image and rotate it 90° around the Z-axis to get the side view and one more time for the top view.

    • Great. Thank you!