4 answers · asked · Lesson: Cartoon Head Pt. 1 - Main Loops · Course: Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp

I struggle to understand every click you make

Hi Jonathan Lambel, first I would like to thank you for this awesome course. I would like to ask you about whether I'm expecting too much about how I learn these head modeling videos. Specifically, I struggle to understand every click you make. Like, how can you know to do what you are doing? I can understand why you put the main loop here and there, but as the video progresses I usually find myself lose track of what your head is processing. The way I see it, over these head modeling videos, there're like hundreds of small decisions, each  greatly affecting the end result. Then... How can you get it all right? Is it from your years of modeling experience? If I follow exactly what you do, I can produce a head like your head, but surely I can't make it on my own, without your guidance.

Am I expecting too much when I want to understand every click you make?