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Anyone can explain whats the point of this?

First i must warn (English is not my main language) So anyone have disturbance about broken English then i should suggest ''click back button''

So i just join here to learn something about blender. Before i have some experience about 3dsmax but! i just tried to learn myself from crap videos. Not going any school or some kind of training place. Anyway so im just started that ''Getting started course'' and ''Modeling I course'' i just watched first video series of that courses. And both end of videos the instructor gives a task. One of it about primitive shapes and other is asking modelling a wheel. So ı just checked the submission folder. And what i see :D perfect renders with advance modelling.And the wheel exercise is complete joke. Glorious fantastic wheel models with applied materials, lights, camera. Damn only need some animation in it with full car model. So my point is ''a guy perfect knowledge'' whats he doing in this grounds? İts just breaking the new comers and extinguish the learning desire. Also see on comment section. Lots of beginners asking how how how? they don't know even know how to make basic shape of the whats instructor asking from them. and submission section full of pro works. My humble opinion is to these kind of guys. Don't waste your talents in internet. apply to blizzard ,pixar or various places. No need to rat race. 

Well thanks for reading. 

  • Hey Man, I totally understand you. I also feel the same sometimes when I see a type of 'art'(Not going to disclose what type of art) like whats the point of this? like WHY?.

    But do you know what? after sometimes I came to realise that it's there life they have full right to do what ever they want to do with it and I have to stop comparing myself. I mean why I should waste my valuable time thinking about something I don't like or hate, when i can spend that time learning.

    Now, honestly I really don't care.

    My advice is that if you want to create something do it for yourself. Whether you want to post it or not depends on you. Don't bother yourself with others.


  • Dr. No,

    Hello! I once took the wheel exercise too. Not sure my submission was one of those you spoke about but all in all - it's not that hard. Here is my final result.

    I mean I sure took my time with it, had to give it 3-4 tries from the scratch. It was challenging, yes. Pushing to the limit. But it is more like a set of pieces you were introduced to in the previous videos. I don't remember watching anything else other than the basic videos and a wheel example. So all the tools are there.

    You just need to get a hand of them, get a little experimental, maybe make it even more challenging with a pattern.

    Not to sound like a seller guy with - "you could do this with only..." but that's true in the case.

    Have some faith in your skill and carry on with the task, the result will follow.

  • crew

    Hey barlo  - First I want to say that I understand your frustration. We've heard complaints about the wheel exercise for a while, which is why I decided to demo the technique in last month's class (check out the recorded live event here, starting around 88:25). So to your point, admittedly the exercise is tricky for beginners.

    That being said, I don't think it's fair to call out experienced Blender users who chose to do the exercise and other beginner-oriented exercises. Maybe they want to refresh that area of their workflow, maybe they simply want XP for completing the exercises - whatever, it doesn't matter.

    We want to facilitate a community that's welcoming to all experience levels with an "it takes a village" mentality. I understand that it can be annoying for experienced users to go above and beyond with beginner exercises when beginners are potentially struggling just to figure it out, but how you respond to that is on you. Try to turn that feeling into inspiration and motivation rather than discouragement and frustration.

    It's best if we avoid the assumption that people are showing off and promoting a competitive rat race. That said, experienced users, don't show off(!) But take it from me: It's highly unlikely that's what they're doing. We're in this thing together! [Queue "Eye of the Tiger" track]

  • crew

    While some of the exercises and content can be a bit tough for beginners to follow along with, also understand that we have a varied level of experienced users on the site as well. Some have been doing this for years and will naturally excel at the exercises and courses we offer, heck some probably learned how to be that good by learning here at CGCookie. Do you best, and put it out there. If you feel discouraged, realize that everyone starts somewhere. Practice more and learn what areas you struggle with the most. As always you have the community along with the instructors to reach out to for help. 

    jlampel is also working on a beginner friendly modeling course that will cover a wide variety of models to really help you understand the process from the ground up using different techniques. Keep putting in the work and eventually you'll get to the point where others will wonder if you were always that great yourself. 

  • I admit that I was one that posted a couple of wheels, and while I had been doing Blender for a while, I also recognize that sometimes practicing "basics" is a great way to hone your skills and maybe learn something you missed.  Part of why I participated in a number of the exercises (and even the class that Kent and Lampel ran last month) is not only to practice those skills but to also share my perspective, which at times is different from the instructors and could provide additional insight that wasn't covered.  And I'll be the first to admit that while I may have textured and lit mine, they are far from perfect.

    If you have a question about an exercise, feel free to ask! That's a part of what the community area is for. Asking questions so that you can learn. And someone else might have the same question as you, but was afraid to ask.  

    Remember, don't compare your work to what others can do, especially if you're just learning a program. Compare what you did on this project with the last one and against what you believe you are capable of creating.

  • Well thanks for the answers. I just realized like in every kind of topic if you want to grasp something truly and be master on it. Take the education officially from where they are teaching. İn Spain and Canada i found nice schools teaching up to 1 year. Anyway thanks again.Wishing you all success. 

  • So, here's the thing:  I wanted to learn Blender.  Blender has a programming mindset and a different workflow than I was used to in other modeling software.  While I could figure it out, there was something that was missing for me, and that was course work and exercises to do and follow.  Doing the exercises really helped me understand the quirks of Blender and the exercises keep me honest.  I've had problems in Blender I wouldn't have in a software I was more use to, and that's a good learning experience.  Plus, a lot of people here are hobbyists, and it's really, really damn competitive in the 3D job market.  It's okay; you're just learning.  Everything looks awesome to you because you don't have the knowledge or experience to really look at things critically.  I've looked at wheel exercises here that looked great at first glance, but once I popped on wireframe mode, there was a whole mess of topology issues.  It's okay.  No average Joe will be amazing at this overnight; take the time, every day, and you'll be amazed at what you were able to accomplish now compared to 6 months ago.  It's gradual improvement, not a sprint.  I've been fiddling around with art my whole life, and only now, after 20+ years of life, am I really understanding things like color theory and form and composition.  Yeah, it's crap now, but learn from it and keep pushing forward.  It's okay.  You got this.

  • @Barlo,

    I'm trying to learn Blender since 2009, really learn not just learn to follow tutorials. I've gave up a lot of times, because of just one thing: comparing my results with others results! 

    Last december, I've discovered CG Cookie and became a member and I have discovered that I was learning in a wrong way!!! Man, please, don't give up because of it... There will be better modelers, animators, professionals than us forever!!!! Doesn't matter how hard we try! I don't care, anymore... I just compare my actual results with my yesterday's results and if I see progress, I'm happy! And I see progress now!

    Let's do it together, man... Don't compare your results with pro results!! You don't need to do it... My wheel exercise is really terrible, bad modeling, bad application of modifiers! However, the result I could reach on it was much better than I used to achieve. I'm sure you have passed the exercise and you have reached what was required for that training... Pass the exercise, not being perfect. Keep moving forward, man!