second to the "why no VSE?"

I'm a long-time Blender user and wanted to get a jump on learning 2.8. I learned a lot about the changes to Blender and its UI along the way.

I was shocked when we were instructed to render directly to video. That is a very bad habit for anything more than a few seconds of video. If Blender crashes mid-render, you are out a lot of time and have nothing to show for the time spent on rendering. As an introductory course, I would have expected a better lesson on video construction.

Perhaps a 5-minute add-on to briefly cover frames-to-video?

I was also surprised that the Blender 2.8 UI does not include the old VSE window setup by default. Seems like an oversight!

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    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for the feedback on the course! The reason I opted to render to video instead of an image sequence is because I've experienced instances in the past where beginner users have been intimidated and confused by the large amount of files generated by rendering like this. Rendering to a  video file, though slightly riskier, makes a lot more sense if you've never done anything with media before.

    I'll definitely consider making an addendum to this course though because I absolutely agree that it's better to render to sequences.

    Thanks :)

  • Thanks for the reply, Grant. I look forward to more of your courses!