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Really struggling to get snapping to work ...

Hi, Re transform snapping -  I can do vertex snapping pretty easily at least on rectangular objects  but that's about the only kind that seems very useful in object mode other than increment.  The others are insanely hard to get things to snap in the right place ie line up  esp if the object are not rectangular .  Even vertex is hard there.  Any suggestions  would be greatly appreciated.  ps  I am making sure the cursor is offset a bit from the object being snapped and getting that little yellow circle pop up on the target object.  

  • crew

    Hey ccurtisdd1 , I'm with you there! I rarely use anything other than vertex or increment. Snapping in object mode does feel a bit off. However, it hasn't been a showstopper for my projects as there's usually many ways of doing things. If you post a project you're working on that needs better snapping I'd be happy to take a look and see if there's a better solution. 

  • Thanks I dont feel so bad now.  After a few days now I think I am beginning to get the hang of it other than the volume option.    I think my major mistake was expecting to be able to completely align objects using the tool and now I realize that I may have to use  location settings along with possibly increment to get that part to work in some cases.   I realized  that using whole numbers &/or tenths only(no .25 or .57 type values)  when placing objects & scaling makes life far easier and less time consuming when trying to line things up & snapping using increment.  I'm not sure how possible that will be in edit mode  but whenever possible I plan to use it.   

  • crew

    Great! In addition to that, the Blender devs are aware of the difficulty in this area and have recently hired someone to work on precision modeling tools for a few months. Good things are ahead!