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Sharing Some Shortcut Tips when sculpting with a tablet - from a Noobie Perspective

Just thought I would share something I stumbled upon when going through the scuplting melvin class.

Now me being a leftie, having the tablet on the left of my keyboard made some of the keyboard shortcuts seem strange and awkward, probably down to be just starting out.

but, I changed my lower pen button (LPB) to be the MMB, so i didnt have to use the mouse too often for rotating around.

but then I inadvertantly stumbled on the following combinations when using my pen button as MMB.

LPB + Shift = Pans Around Scene

LPB + Ctrl = Zooms Smoothly

this meant to me that i could keep my left hand predominantly at the tablet, while my right hand is hovering around the lower left of the keyboard, giving me easy and quick access to the brush radius and strength shortcuts as well as the majority of my viewing movements.

sped up my learning and enjoyment alot, so thought i would share :)