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How does one offset after duplicating keys?

Sorry for the silly dumb question but I keep forgetting how to do the offset of keys to do it the opposite of the previous one....

  • crew

    I'm not entirely sure exactly what you mean but I think you have copied the legs so they are doing exactly the same thing and now you want to shift them in time, yeah?

    If it's an in-place cycle, you can just grab the keys and shift them and then delete the stuff you don't need (the stuff before and after the actual cycle)

    In it's a translating walk cycle, you need to make sure that when it loops, the feet and the torso use the "cycle with offset" curve modifier.  Everything else is just a normal "cycle modifier"

    I think that's what you're wanting to know.

  • Hey,¬†

    a question to this topic.

    But if i do that, the left foot is always behind. And the range the foot should travel is just to short.

    Hope you understand what i mean.