Stacey Sherwood (staarsh)

2 answers · asked · Lesson: Mesh Modeling Exercise 01 · Course: Mesh Modeling Fundamentals

I can't seem to submit the exercise.

I am having trouble submitting the exercise. The page just hangs after I click the submit button. Maybe it went through the multiple times I hit submit, but there was no indication you got it.

  • crew

    Hi Stacey, 

    Please be sure you don't have any Javascript blockers or anything of the sort enabled for CG Cookie in your browser. 

    If you don't and it's still failing then I'd suggest you try another browser as it's most likely a javascript incompatibility. 

  • Also, you need to click at the looking glass and select your model from the list below. That puzzzled med a bit ... even though it said it in the text below the form :-)