Jasmine Wongus (jazze)

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Thank you! (not a question)

Thank you and thank you again!! Phoooo, that was tough, but I LOVE  your advice to me! Thank you for encouraging me, because I really needed to know that I have what it takes to make a scene, and just to get that purpose in, for one. Also, I'm glad that there were some good parts of the picture, and some ideas that I could use to improve it!

Ugh, I tried to make Suzanne's head work on a stuffed body, but it just didn't. LOL! I guess it's okay to see for ourselves whether it could work or not. Hee hee!

Anyway, this advice is platinum for me, so I'm probably gonna listen over and over and I'll go from there. I'll definitely remember the lighting part, too. As much as I love lighting, I can't wait to really get it better. Thanks also for showing that example with the dying man and the angel and reaper. I do hope to get to that point, to make a simple idea become a full scene!

...Maybe that could be a course someday! :D

  • crew

    I'm glad to hear this, Jasmine. And I would be thrilled to make a course about it one day! However I'm still only beginning to tap into it myself and not quite ready to teach it like I know entirely what I'm doing. One day though 👍

    For now we both can work on such skills. Keep blendering!

    • Ahhhh, one day... You're right! Well, Kent, if you find some interesting stuff in your learning, please let me know! I'm so ignorant. Ha ha! But yeah, we'll work hard on these skills! :D

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