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Strange bending with model with export

Hi everyone!

So i finally got to the point where I can start adding my animations and everything into unity however I hit a road block. My models right foot keeps bending strangely. I tried to go back to blender and apply location rotation and scale on both the model and bones. I also recalculated normals and removed doubles. I also tried changing my export settings and even tried ACSII as well (which for some reason always made my model extraaa tiny but otherwise worked). I even went through some of the settings in Unity and I just can't seem to find the answer.....Just doesn't make sense because the animation works wonderfully in blender. Please HELLPP!

  • do you have double bones for the leg there maybe? is the bone parented on the chain? 

    • The bones are correct. I imagine if it were wrong I would see that same thing happen in blender while animating. I used the meta-rig process so I suppose its; possible something went wrong?

  • The toes so bend a little but not always or backwards. Jist a basic heel and the roll. I'll have to go over it more in depth when I get home. I'll post if I find anything.

  • Just some suggestions:
    0 - Can you post a mesh/wireframe model of this animation so we can see what is under the skin / clothes?

    1 - Have your used a mirror-action to copy the bones from left to right... which could have gone wrong?

    2 - What happens when you (save your model and) RE-MODEL the twisted leg all over again from scratch?
    3 - What happens when you (save your model and) RE-ANIMATE the twisted leg all over again from scratch?

    4 - How does this model show up in other-then-Unity environments?

    5 - Has your export file gone corrupt somehow and/or can you check its contents manually?
    Here is a link to its internal .blend file syntax and content description::
    - http://www.atmind.nl/blender/blender-sdna-256.html